The audiovisual intelligence in worldwide resistance


10th Festival international Signes de Nuit
October 5th - 16th 2012

takes place in the Cinéma Action Christine
4, rue Christine, 75006 Paris

The strange film of the world in Paris

Les Films étrangers à Paris



This year showings will take place at the Action Christine Theater, 4 Street Christine, in the 6th Paris district.

Only our night programmings will take place at the Maison du Portugal, at the Cité Universitaire de Paris

Take a look to the concept of Signes de Nuit: http://www.signesdenuit.com/concept.htm


Once again, it is going to be a real trip around the world, discovering true potentials of the international audiovisual creation.

Not less than 90 screenings of independent world cinema will be presented.

This is the largest and most outstanding event in its specification in Paris. Beside of the main screening in Paris, the festival has screened its contributions in over 100 screenings in around 30 countries.


For the 10th Edition of the festival three juries will be are invited :

The "Short films - Cinéma de différence" competition and the "Documentary and experimental Documentary" competition will be valorisated by international juries.

The "Cinéma in Transgression: Cinema of diiference" jury reserved for films in feature lengh will be composed by artists and scientists.


Some international collaborations with other world wide festivals will make us discover audiovisual creation coming from...

Italy: Ares Film et Media Festival, Syracus
Poland: Krakow Film Festival
Switzerland:The other Movie Festival,de Lugano
Tunisia: "Festival de la révolution" a Regueb (Sidi Bouzid) - Nomade cinema experimental & essai
Turkey: Independent Film Festival Istanbul


Lots of others countries are expected. In the programs "World Schools" we will present remarcable contributions coming from well known schools all over the world.

The program entitled "World Focus", aims to explore local cultural specifities and sensibilities through their cinema and audiovisual production. We will discovering this year Colombia, Danemark, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Nepal and Turkey.

The «French Touch» will not be forgotten.


Besides, in « Regards particuliers et perceptions singulières » section, some ongoing and internationaly well-known artists will be represented. They realized outstanding works in an conceptual and aesthetical sense we want to honor and point out: Paul Wright (Great Britain), Ashish Avikunyhak (India), and others.

* Paul Wright (Great Britain)
* Ashish Avikunyhak (India)
* Kleber Mendonca Filho (Brazil)



In our Night screenings Saturday 13th October night in the Maison du Protugal at the Cité Universtaire (14th Arrondissement) we will deliver a panorama of the world wide ongoing production of strange and complex films.

"The Cinema of diiference" in full length feature

We announce that the 10th Edition of the Festival international Signes de Nuit will open - beside the short film and the documentaries - a new sections for feature films to mark its place between the "complete" European film festivals.

This program will be also competitive and wil be valorisated by a jury composed of artists and scientists.


The 10th anniversary of the international Festival Signes de Nuit is also a chance for us to pay tribute to always supporting friends and striking personalities of the cinematic experimentation and short films prroduction, who past away recently: Marcel Mazé (France), Patrick Jolley (Irland), and Jose Escudero (Spain).

The world tour of independent and resisting cinema will start soon in the center of Paris.

The detailed program will be communicated at the beginning of October.

Fasten your seat belts. It's birthday time.

Réservations: Cinéma Action Christine


Festival international SIGNES DE NUIT - 18, rue Budé 75004 Paris - France - Tel : +33 (0) 1 40 46 92 25 - +33 (0) 6 84 40 84 38 - cood.int@signesdenuit.com