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The International Festival
Signes de Nuit

is invited by

Pesaro Film Festival
47a Mostra internazionale del nuovo cinema

June 23th 2011


The Program of Pesaro Film Festival 2011

Day: June 23th 2011
Time: Midnight

Place : Pesaro

Magic (Magia)

Gerard Cairaschi
2010 | Digital | 0:07:00

The renewal of the magical encounter between man and nature.



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Against (Contra)

Vincent Gisbert-Soler


2009 / Beta SP / 0:03:40

Contra is a reflection on the fragility of contemporary man in his present environment, charting the loss of conscience that results in the moment of bonding our spirit to things material, the perceived reality of the senses. Use, transform, create, manipulate, destroy... actions that can form behaviours governed only by individual and immediate interests. Then we impose without respect, distracting ourselves from the negative consequences on our environment and ourselves.


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Centipede Sun (Centipède Sun)

Mihai Grecu

2010 | Digital | 0:10:00

Centipede Sun focuses on the landscape of the Altiplano region in Chile. This landscape, synonymous with isolation, has enormous ‘empty’ panoramas in which the life forms we know seem to be absent. Against this background, Grecu brings this rich universe to life.



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Kirstin Tan
Singapore, Thailand

2008 | HD | 0:10:40

Stylised black-and-white film about the relationship between a man and a sink in the sea, symbolising the different stages of life.



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Aorta (Aorta)

Daniel Wawrzyniak

2009 | HD | 0:05:00

Aorta – big arterial root, the branches of which supply blood to all tissues.



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