11th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

October 10th - 20th 2013
Cité Universitaire
Bd. Jourdan, 75014 Paris

Résidence Lucien Paye
Maison du Portugal
Maison de l'Italie

Maison Heinrich Heine
College de l'Espagne
Maison du Japon
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International Competition
Short Films
Program n° 7

Day: Sunday October 13th
Time: 4 pm
Place : Résidence Lucien Paye at the Cité Universitaire / Paris
October 11th - 15th 2013

An international jury overview the sections of short films coming from all over the world. The festival prefers film treating important subjects in an original way, films which don't avoid ambiguity and complexity, films, which are sometimes stay enigmatic, so that refection and mind are going on moving, exceptional films, which covers all kind of artistically expressions, films open for esthetical innovation, shortly films reflecting the perturbing strangeness of the modern world in a complex way.

The Peach Blossom Land: For a rich Man

Mai Mai
2012 | 0:17:00

After Tao Yuanming, we found the peach blossom land again. Do you want to experience the beauty of Utopia? Have your money ready?

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Beyond (Kolona)

Ujkan Hysaj
Kosovo Republic
2012 | 0:13:00

A family fleeing Kosovo in 1999 are stopped at a Serbian refugee checkpoint, where they are forced to make a terrible life or death decision. Adem finds himself facing a tough decision: whether to save his own son or his brother's son.


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Visual Element

Wuttin Chansataboot
2012 | 0:29:57

“Visual Element” is a surreal shortfilm portraying an ironic reflection of individuals’ identity loss in materialistic society. The film depicts a story of Chin, an artist who works for Mr. A, an art dealer. The painter has a weird hobby. He has been trying to assemble a full body of humans from burnt organs that he has gathered from different places. With a white head he has just collected, his goal is eventually achieved. The body then become alive as a grayscale figure of a man.


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Chia-Hsin Liu
2012 | 0:20:00

It's been seven years since the incident and Xianyun tries hard to return to normal life. As a counselor, Xianyun hopes to ease her pain of losing her daughter through helping others with their pain. The mother of the killer, Chen Yuan, is a neighbor of Xianyun. They see each other occasionally but never spoke. Xianyun could not bring herself to forgive ChenYuan's mother. As the execution day of Chen is getting closer, all the pains and memories are once again stirred…

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Jane Gull
United Kingdom
2013 | 0:10:45

A solitary bird-watcher makes an unusual discovery.


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