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Le Festival International
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Lago Film Fest Festival

Internazionale di Cortometraggi di
Documentari e Sceneggiature

Revine Lago / Italy

July 22th - 30th 2011


The Program

Date: July 22th - 30th 2011

Place : Revine Lago, Italy


Simple Presence Future Perfect (Presencia Simple Futuro Perfecto)

Davide Pepe

2008| Digital | 0:05:00

A shrill voyage into a space of great nervosity and threat. Beauty is broken, the existential alphabet declined into emptiness.



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Daniel Wawrzyniak

2009 | HD | 0:05:00

Aorta – big arterial root, the branches of which supply blood to all tissues.



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The title was shot

Vivian Ostrovsky
France, United-States
2009 | Digital | 0:09:00

The film was commissioned for a conference of film theory in Berlin in 2009 entitled: The Cinematic Configurations of the ‘I’ and ‘We’. Composed of fragments from over 25 films dating from the 1920s to the 90s, this whimsical short features cowboys,Indians and damsels in distress. Tarzan, Jane, gorillas and lions are illustrating Wittgenste'sin, Deleuze's and Slavoj Zizek’s philosophical considerations. A fast-paced, heart-pounding cinephilic farce.



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Clean up

Sebastian Mez
2008 | 35mm | 0:09:20

His job is to clean up the death chamber at an American prison after the executions of the condemned by way of lethal injection. It is a ritual act in which the viewer becomes witness to an execution.


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La Terraza del hospital (Hospital Terrace)

Daniel Varela Sanchez

2009 | Digital | 0:11:00

Lucas is a young man who decides to free himself from reality and later dies in a hospital. He remembers his final moments ending up at the hospital terrace.

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Exodus (Éxodo)

Almagul Menlibayeva

2009 | Digital | 0:11:00

“Exodus“ is showing a weared off tradition in the present Kazakhstan, like a strange and powerful tale. Men and women are in the process of packing up their Yurtas (nomadic tents). An ancient shamanistic normad ritual „The Closing Road“ is persecuted, only perceived by a girl, who is icaptivated by what is ment to be left behind.

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Hungover Eyes (Ojos de Resaca)

Petra Costa

2009 | 35 mm | 0:20:00

In Undertow Eyes, Vera and Gabriel, an elderly couple, navigate through past and present, telling their own life story. Their remembering, rendered in images from family archives that confound themselves with images of the present, suggest a personal diary on love and death.


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Centipede Sun (Le soleil mille-pattes)

Mihai Grecu

2010 | Digital | 0:10:00

Centipede Sun focuses on the landscape of the Altiplano region in Chile. This landscape, synonymous with isolation, has enormous ‘empty’ panoramas in which the life forms we know seem to be absent. Against this background, Grecu brings this rich universe to life.


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When I move (Kum Lilikun)

Ville Salminen
2009 | Digi Beta | 0:07:00

Kun Liikun (When I Move) is an experimental short film which combines documentary, advertising and fiction in storytelling. The 6-minute-long film introduces four people who each are devoted to moving in some way. The main characters describe their relationship with movement, how they experience surroundings when they move and what makes them give up and continue again.


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