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Lugano, Suisse
November 8th 2012







Michael Rittmannsberger
2010 | 0:06:00

A couple goes to the sea with their two daughters. An ordinary day, up to the meomebt when one of the girls disappears and drowns. The other girls looks for her. She seems to be in shock, her eyes reflect guilt, fear and lonelineless. Rittmannsberger uses music and slowdown to force the feeling of vulnability.


http://vimeo.com/18224096 (Extrait)

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On the Way to the See

Tao Gu
Canada, Quebec, China
2010 | 0:20:00

Fictional elements, fragments of documentaries and visual abstraction are producing in "On the way" a reflection about the fragility of the human living conditions.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzcZdXXlt1Q (Extrait)

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Line Klungseth Johansen
2011 | 0:05:00

All noises contain colored particels of different feelings and substances. Fragil and sensibel, the fragmants are mixed in the abstract lines, the colors and the coposition to create Flimmer.

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Feather (Plume)

Cecile Ravel
2011 | 0:21:00

Plume is the story of a thirteen year old anorexique girl. In the way of a diary, filmed on Super 8, the movie covers the doubts and distress of the mother cineaste. The camera goes across the face and the body of the young girl looking for answers to the mystery of her illness.

http://vimeo.com/29374594 (Film)


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Toi et moi (You and me)

Karsten Krause
2009 | 0:03:52

A woman is walking towards her husband's camera through four decades. Always in the same way, a the woman is approaching the camera super 8. In the off the voice of another woman, reading a poem by E.E. Cummings. Touching and poetic.


Salt of the Moon (O sal da lua)

Cristina Miranda
2010 | 0:05:00

O SAL DA LUA is a short move about the cost of the colonial presence in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The film mixes images of Rio and Paris, how to draw a disturbance among the two cities, through a night journey made by a female character who walks through the city to the sea.

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