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The International Festival
Signes de Nuit

is invited by

Barents Ecology Film Festival
Petrozavodsk, Russia

April 24th - 28th 2013


The Program

We Will Become Oil

Mihai Grecu
2011 | 0:08:00

Apocalyptic and grotesque vision about the end of human history.


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Escapade with Freegans

Karol M. Kowalski

2012 | 0:10:00

Live and survive with waste: a lifestyle propagating gradually. Not amazing in a society of wasting and abandonment. But it is always on the verge of illegality.


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Il Castello

Martina Parenti, Massimo d'Anolfi
2012 | 1:30:00

A year at Milan’s Malpensa Airport, a place where bureaucracy, procedures and checks put the freedom of individuals, animals and goods in transit sorely to the test. A strategic place where all the existing police forces are concentrate and new forms of control are experimented. A choral film, at times dramatic, ironic and contemplative, which proceeds by emblematic situations through the four seasons.

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Listen to the River: a Sound Sculpture by Cildo Meireles (Ouvir o Rio: Uma Escultura Sonora de Cildo Meireles)

Marcela Lordy
2012 | 1:20:00

Cildo Meireles's artistic project began almost 30 years ago. The aim is to realize a sound work about the hydrograph reality in Brazil. A team of artistic explorers travels all around the country in the search of murmurs, lappings and water crash. The recordings are send to the studio and little by little the country reality emerges, deep and inexpected. The nature is majestic and the water abounds, dominates, but how long? Started as a sensory map of Brazil, from the Iguaçu wasserfälle to the mouth of the Amazone river, this movie evolves towards a criticism of the ecological damages in this country and beyond.

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