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The International Festival
Signes de Nuit

is invited by the

La Cité Universitaire

Résidence André de Gouveia
(Maison du Portugal)

7P, Bd Jourdan
75014 Paris

April 16th 2013 / 7 pm



The Program


Pedro Sena Nunes
2010 | 0:10:00

"Hope" reveals the fusion between the male and the female and its deployment into new worlds. The touch generate a confrontation between the short-lived and the power of the creation. A beautiful reality is escaping the prison of desire. Worlds of hunger, survival and tiredness generates a new life.

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Memories of Fire (Memorias do Fogo)

Frederico Miranda

2009 | 0:25:30

This documentary is about guards who spend their life protecting the forests in Portugal. It is a groupment of testimonies of workers. Those men are impressives thanks to their work dedication. Frederic Miranda mixed informations and esthetic in this documentary which also talk about forest fires.


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Arca d'Agua

André Gil Mata
2009 | 0:23:00

A man builds a boat in a lake edge. Arca d'Agua is about the dream of an impossible trip in the search of past memories.

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Impending Doom

Edgar Pêra
2006 | 0:07:00

Shot in super 8, Impending Doom is a visual testimony and a sonic interpretation of two ceremonies of communion that took place in Roma and in Lisbon in the year of 2005. Both communities with different kind of beliefs and ideologies shared a sense of pain, grief and peace in a world at war.



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Cold Day (Dia Frio)

Claudia Varejao
2009 | 0:27:00

Cold Day is the story of a family. All members of family feels lonely as if they had lived dramas and have secrets. The everyday life passes, like brightness of existence in a family where no one really lives.


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Patrick Mendes

2009 | 0:12:45

A man is hired to clear off a synchrotron center. Upon exploring the facilities, the man finds photographs, that brings him back to past experiences that occurred in that space.



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Cold Blood

Patrick Mendes

2009 | 0:13:35

Cold Blood tells the story of the relationship between a woman and a scarecrow.



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