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The International Festival
Signes de Nuit

is invited by the

Tallinn University
Baltic Film and Media School

Tallinn, Estonia
May 21th 2013



The Program

On the Way to the Sea

Tao Gu
Canada, Quebec, China
2010 | 0:20:00

Fictional elements, fragments of documentaries and visual abstraction are producing in "On the wat to the sea" a reflection about the fragility of the human living conditions.


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Miss Candace Hilligoss' Flickering Halo

Fabios Scacchioli, Vincenzo Core

2011 | 0:13:45

The beginning is another film: an American early- 60's, dissected and demolished, whose tortured and "subverted" images are organized in precarious, fragile and ever-changing structures, in multiple plotlines criss-crossing in a state of constant collapse. Provoke the deflagration of a closed system through a mechanism of chain implosions. Forget what you see while you're still observing it, and immerse yourself in an ancestral optical vibration. A howl without a reason;


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Inquire Within

Jay Rosenblatt
2012 | 0:04:00

Inquire Within is a hypnotic, apocalyptic examination of false choices, double binds, vulerability and faith.




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We Will Become Oil

Mihai Grecu
2011 | 0:08:00

Apocalyptic and grotesque vision about the end of human history.



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Fancies (Quimeras)

Ragnar Chacin
France, Mexico

2011 | 0:08:00

A surreal muse is walking in a phantasmatic city. She roams with proud into desertic streets, gardens and other environments.

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Line Klungseth Johansen

2011 | 0:05:00

All noise contains coloured particles of different substance and meaning. Fragile and sensitive, the fragments glide into abstract lines, colours and composition, creating Flimmer.



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The Cloud of Unknowing

Tzu Nyen Ho

2011 | 0:28:00

The title refers to the life mistery. The cloud refers to the exclusion and reconciliation with the unknowing, in an other words, with divine experience.


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Tomo, a Territory Desert by War

Bakary Diallo

2011 | 0:07:00

Tomo is a fairy tail about the story of a psychologically unstable character. He is going in a ravaged village which was abandoned because of the war. He has to face the spirits of those who lived ther before.


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The Salt of the Sea (O Sal da lua)

Christina Miranda

2010 | 0:05:00

O Sal da Lua is a short move about the cost of the colonial presence in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The film mixes images of Rio and Paris, how to draw a disturbance amoug the two cities, through a night journey made by a female character who walks through the city to the sea.


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Through the Moss Stuff Chinks Heard Voices

Cherie Samson

2011 | 0:05:00

Through the Moss Stuffed Chinks Heard Voices... This video-performance portrays an abstraction of the body as it is multiplied and shifts orientation at the crossing of two large decaying spruce trees, merging into and from the simultaneous life and entropy embodled in the seasonal and biological cycles of the forest. The appareance of humannes fails in and out focus, reminding of the vulnerability of all forms and stages of life.


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Seeing Sorror

Martin Winther
2011 | 0:14:00

Can we see the pain of the others? After her abortion, a young woman see the perception of life changing. Her friend can not follow her and they are separating day after day.


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Sirocco (Shluq)

Hisham Bizri
Egypt, USA

2012 | 0:15:00

Shluq or Sirocco (easterly desert wind) is the fable of a man who faces potential doom. Life for him is a mystery and it is impossible to understand, leading him into melancholic paralysis. His thoughts wander through the vastness of the desert, a symbol of eternity, and at the same time to see himself powerless in his petty sphere of action, and powerless from the very mystery of his thought. The embitterment, callousness, grossness, brutality of his paralysis is imposed on his pure and noble soul, turning his life into a profound tragedy.


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