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The International Festival
Signes de Nuit

is invited by the

La Fabrique à Rêves (FAR)

Aubervilliers (Paris), France

5 Juin 2013


"HQAC Aubervillers"
185 avenue Victor Hugo

The projection of around 90 min starts at 9.30 pm

The Program


We Will Become Oil

Mihai Grecu
2011 | 0:08:00

Apocalyptic and grotesque vision about the end of human history.


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Fancies (Quimeras)

Ragnar Chacin
France, Mexico

2011 | 0:08:00

A surreal muse is walking in a phantasmatic city. She roams with proud into desertic streets, gardens and other environments.


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The Cloud of Unknowing

Tzu Nyen Ho

2011 | 0:28:00

The title refers to the life mistery. The cloud refers to the exclusion and reconciliation with the unknowing, in an other words, with divine experience.


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The Living Room

Roderick Hietbrink
2011 | 0:08:15

"The Living Room" is a video installation existing both as a three-channel and a single channel version, screened both in film festivals and the museum/gallery circuit. It is a non-narrative piece that shows in an absurd fashion and a deliberate slow pace how our representation of reality is actually a construction. No longer protected from the outside by the thin sheets of glass, the vacuum of the room is broken by the destructive invasion of an oak tree. Being both realistic and absurd, the confrontation between the two raises questions about the meaning and symbolism of the tree and of the private domain within the Western culture.

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Cold Blood

Patrick Mendes

2009 | 0:13:35

Cold Blood tells the story of the relationship between a woman and a scarecrow.


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Rolv Lyssand Bjørø

2011 | 0:19:00

A young girl finds out that she has to move. In desperation she goes to her boyfriend and convinces him to flee to the mountains with her. But there she discovers something that will change her perception on life completely.


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