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The International Festival
Signes de Nuit

is invited by the

La Fabrique à Rêves (FAR)

Saint Denis (Paris), France

August 9th 2013



"6 B "
6/10 Quai de Seine

The projection of around 105 min starts at 9.00 pm

The Program

Arca d'agua

André Gil Mata
Portugal 2009 | 0:23:00

A man builds a boat in a lake edge. Arca d'Agua is about the dream of an impossible trip in the search of past memories.


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Gérard Cairaschi

2010 | 0:07:00

The renewal of the magical encounter between man and nature.


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The Freemartin Calf

Jayne Amara Ross

2011 | 0:40:00

A mother and her daughter: two different approaches, two ways to pass the life, which have to understand each other each day the different ages of feminity.



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The Research about Woman (Sonda o kobietach)

Matusz Glowacki
2011 | 0:30:00

Men offer their view and opinion about women...

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Badami Song

Isabelle Vorle
2012 | 0:07:00

A plateau of red rocks, in South India. The camera scrutinizes what is beautiful in the ordinary, the elements of the landscape, the popular sculpture away from the tourist roads. Every image emerges from a monochrome to fade out in another colored field, in respiratory rate, propped up on the intense voice of Jacqueline Merville reading her eponymic poem, in a stabbing musical whirlwind, to end with a concert of traditional music.


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