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Havana / Cuba

April 1 - 6 / 2014


The Program


Almost seen (Presque vu)

Cecilia Araneda
2013 | 0:04:10

Lush hand-crafted film footage and HD images combine to reveal a mysterious past through remnants of a memory that is almost remembered, but which never fully develops. A girl speaks, but her words cannot be understood.



Gérard Cairaschi
2013 / 0:07:00

Carried by a song, images and fragments of narration intertwine. Simulacrum, magical or religious ritual, ritual of death or rite of passage, nothing is explicit in the action that deploys amongst the characters, between the extreme proximity and, at the same time, the absolute distance expressed by the gestures and bodies.


We will become Oil

Mihai Grecu
2011 | 0:08:00

Apocalyptic and grotesque vision about the end of human history.



The Metrics of Coincidence (Die Metrik des Zufalls)

Werner Biedermann
2012 / 0:04:00

Human life might be regarded as a round dance of mer coincidence, or as the result of either natural, or spiritual determination. In the format of found footage, the film 'The Metrics of Coincidence' presents the essence of a possible design of a biography. By a kind of patchworked parcours through film history, series of frames have been removed from their original context and rearranged into a new one. Thus a 'biography' has been composed: one that is possible only by the means of film montage and the viewer's imagination.

Fancies (Quimeras)

Ragnar Chacin
France, Mexico

2011 | 0:08:00

A surreal muse is walking in a phantasmatic city. She roams with proud into desertic streets, gardens and other environments.

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Tomo - Deserted Territoy Caused by the War (Tomo - Territoire désserté du fait de la Guerre)

Bakary Diallo
2011 | 0:07:00

Tom is an imaginary tale, it recalls the literal nature of the word bambara: a territory deserted because of the war. Conflict in arms and conflict in minds. It is the story of a psychologically disturbed character by his subjective experience of violence. He leaves his room and through a village ravaged, abandoned, it is inhabited by the spirits of those who lived there. They are represented by ghosts, ectoplasm, characters in flame and smoke. They perform everyday movements closer to reality.


Portraits (Los Retrados)

Iván D. Gaona
2012 | 0:14:00

It's Sunday, the day to shop at the local market and Grandma Paulina wants to prepare Creole chicken for her husband, but the money is not enough. Without wishing it, she wins a Polaroid camera in a raffle, so, she proposes her husband to take pictures of their lives in the country. But the camera roll ends up, and the hunger persists.


Caroussel (Karuzela)

Marcin Kaminski
2012 / :16:00

The ninth contingent of the Polish Military force in Afghanistan arrived in 2012. A Polish sapperis killed during routine patrol and the news quickly spread to the Polish base. How will the soldiers react to the terrible news? Will it be possible to hold back the rising tide of violence? A penetrating observation of war’s reality and the day-to-day lives of all the actors on that stage, including all hapless innocents.

Mountain in shadow (Montaña en sombra)

Lois Patiño
2012 / 0:14:00

A poetic view into the relationship of immensity between man and landscape. We contemplate, from the distance, the activity of the skiers on the snowy mountain. The pictorial image and the dark and dreamlike atmosphere transforms the space into something unreal, imprecise, converting it also in a tactile experience.


Spectography of a battle field

Fabio Scacchioli
2013 | 0:04:50

The fragil space betxween violence and desire, illusion and cinema, reality and dream.


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