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Fun with Photography

Have you ever thought about why people take pictures? Why photographs are so interesting and funny? And why photographs and not video? This has been my question for the last years. "Why do I photograph?"

In my experience, the funny photographs are always those which I didn't think of while taking or those which were unwanted by the object people. A "surprise". My photographic work with black&white pictures is the search for surprises.

At the moment I use a manual camera with an X objective, without autofocus, without automatic lighting and without motor. Deliberately, so as to stand out from newest photo-technology. The moment of "shooting" is for me very exciting and like gambling. With all my nerves I concentrate on the object and "shoot". Despite all my concentration a picture is often not as I wished. Or, from time to time, also more beautiful the I imagined....





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Du 22 août au 5 septembre 2003
De 14h à 22h

Cinéma Le Balzac
1 rue Balzac
75008 Paris

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