International Festival Signs of the Night - Paris
Festival internatinal Signes de nuit - Paris

18e Festival international Signes de Nuit - Paris - October 1-5 / 22-25, 2020



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Eduardo Rufeisen
USA / 2019 / 0:03:00


"Larrimina" examines the life of a person in the modern world through the perspective of time.


Kosmos : The Uncertainty

Robert Cahen, Ruben Guzman, Narcisa Hirsch
Argentina / 2018 0:10:00


In this short film uncertainty sounds like the Tibetan singing bowl heard at the very beginning of the film to mark the end of a metaphorical nuclear explosion. Twins still in their amniotic fluid announce our human condition, our compulsion to walk, move forward, run. When everything moves, we go through the forest "of emotions" in a dreamlike way. But it is thanks to water and its light reflections, to its transforming power that the infinite “Kosmos” plays with our uncertainty.


Collage 25

Luis Carlos Rodriguez
Spain / 2020 / 0:06:00


The audiovisual language was born, grew and developed from artistic activity. Audiovisual language is and will be an artistic process that evolves from art and the hand of artist in its two main channels: experimental cinema and video art. We firmly believe that audiovisual language must continue to evolve from experimentation and artistic activity. We firmly believe that all creation is always a recreation. The public domain allows us to recreate and recount, again manipulating the time and space of the sequences, (especially those that became unforgettable for us at some point), and, from an audiovisual economy / ecology, move forward with new proposals in this constant process of evolution that must be the audiovisual language..


The Bellbird's Morning Song

Damon Mohl
USA / 2020 / 0:10.30


A geographical ghost story.



Phoebe Barran, Lliana Bird
United Kingdom / 2019 / 0:13:30


Behind every photo is a story, a moment captured, a snapshot in time... Snapshots tells three unique stories through the voyeuristic lens of a photo booth camera. Although their circumstances and motivations are very different, each character shares a desperation that’s led them to their booth: a heartbroken transvestite driven to conforming to societal expectations; two young people compelled to risk everything in the hope of a better life; and a lonesome cleaner who goes to extraordinary lengths to attract the attention he so desperately craves. With the help of the camera each character uses deception in pursuit of happiness, demonstrating that appearances are not always as they seem.


Iva Bedlam / Shiner Dogma

Luyckx Jonas
Belgium / 2020 / 0:09:98


During the first week of the great confinement, behind our walls between father and son, we talked about us, family history and these constructions which rise too high not to collapse.


Earth FM

Philip Rabalais
USA / 2019 / 0:10:35


Earth FM is a minimalist sci-fi about imaginary science and sonic symbiosis. Three researchers reach into the planet using esoteric audio equipment. Their search for signal culminates when their transmissions cross, resulting in a mysterious and cathartic discovery.


Absence of Light

Beatrice Aliné
Germany / 2019 / 0:10:00


You can measure the light but you can’t measure the dark. In duality we see one as the opposite of the other. Yet darkness is the absence of light. And an absence is not a measurable thing. It simply does not exist. Light protects us from our fundamental fear of the dark. But remember where there is light, there must be shadow. We live in a technological era where our dependence on energy is greater than ever before. It became an irreplaceable commodity. So one question arises quickly. What's left to do if the sun pulls the plug on you? The answer lies within the perception of the viewer.


Avant l’effondrement du Mont Blanc

Jacques Perconte
France / 2020 / 0:16:08

Are we the very last to see the peaks of Mont Blanc? The heat of the summers and the mild winters have a lot to do with the rock falls, which have multiplied over the last twenty years or so. The mountains are collapsing. If this is a sign of climate change, it is also a sign of our attachment to the landscape, which we would like to be able to classify as a heritage site. The Mont Blanc massif is not ours, the mountain is a state, it is a moment, it wasn't there, millions of years ago, and it will change in any case. The problem here would be that of the speed of change. Because the equilibrium of these peaks defying the void, the longevity of these glaciers is only our point of view. On the scale of the planet's motion, it's a vibration. Mountains are falling, and there's nothing we can do about it. And even if we have the means to rise to their height to admire them, to surpass those inaccessible peaks where many explorers lost their lives trying to gain the privilege of overcoming them, the mountains will continue to fall as they continue to rise. If Mount Blanc falls, it also increases.