International Festival Signs of the Night - Paris
Festival internatinal Signes de nuit - Paris

18e Festival international Signes de Nuit - Paris


Transgression Competition (T)
Short Film
Competition (S)
Competition (D)

English Titles in alphabetical order:

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2030 Larrimina
A Stranger Comes Home Mamaville
A Swimming Lesson From Dad Maria Luiza
Abisal Mesh (Maille)
Absence of Light Metamorphosen
Accompany Mistress of Tears
After boredom Monsieur Pigeon
Allegro Lambda My Own Landscapes
Almost Human North
Ana and the flames (Ana et les flemmes) One Summer´s Dream
Ani_Av! (Collage 18) Pirate Ship
Ara Popper Fly
Ashmina Proof of Loss
Avant l’effondrement du Mont Blanc Quantic Love
Babydyke (Babylebbe) Realignment
Balneotherapy Recitative
Bella Roqaia
Berth (Berço) Seafret
Black Sky Sewing Box for My Daughter
Bluetopia Shanzhài Sceenes
Breathing Bones Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON/IKONEN 1)
Bura Six Letter
C'est Quoi Le Mantra Moderne? Slow News
Checkpoint Snake
Clench my Fists Snapshot
Close to Zero Staying with the trouble
Collage 25 Symphony of the Body
Confinement Film Tentehar-Sensitive Architecture (Tentehar Arquitetura do sensível)
Cracking Sounds The Bellbird's Morning Song
Crackland (Cracolania) The Best Orchestra in the World
Death in Montmartre The Grandmother
Difficult (Dafa Metti) The House Is Empty
Earth FM The Memory Atlas
Electric Swan The Murmur of Things
Eternelle The Physics of Sorrow (Physique de la tristesse)
Everything Is Under Control The Present
Girls in Flower The Remandee
Haute Cuisine (Nouvelle saveur) The Stream X
Hi A. I. The Visit
How to Disappear The Underword (il Mongo di sotto)
I'm Not Telling You Anything, Just Sayin´ The Woman Under The Tree
Icemeltland Park Three Pills
Immunity Told
In the Middle Touiza
Interference #F20006 Ultimate Hero
Iva Bedlam Umbral
Jona War of Perception
Kosmos : The Uncertainty Watching the Pain of Others
KYS Wine Lake