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The 15th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

5 - 15 October, 2017

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Maison Danoise

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Competition International
Short Films
# 7
Saturday 7 octobre 2017 / 8 pm
Fondation Danoise
Cité internationale universitaire de Paris


Words of Caramel
Words of Caramel

Juan Antonio Moreno


2016 / 0:26:20

In a refugee camp in the Sahara desert lives a deaf boy who wish to learn how to write. Welcome to Kori and his best friend the camel Caramel's silent world.



Process : Breath

Line Klungseth Johansen


2016 / 0:05:14

Chemical and cognitive dissonance. "Process Breath" is a beautiful visual experience, and a love story between oxygen and nitrogen.




Michael Tanner Cusumano


2016 / 0:16:07

After a domestic violence call goes haywire and someone is shot, Officer Mike Banner fights to keep the victim alive, no matter what the cost.



Why Does New Federative Alliance Need the Old Military Bot?
Why Does New Federative Alliance

Arthur Omarov


2017 / 0:15:00

Life on Earth was almost destroyed by the global planetary catastrophe. Two men wander through the scorched desert that was once a flourishing planet. One of them is in the handcuffs, the other's hands are clenching the gun. Their mission is to find the old military bot of the Collapse times, which is crucially important for the survival of the last Bastion of humanity.



High Grounds
Les Hauts-Pays
Les hauts pays

Jérémy van der Haegen


2016 / 0:29:54

A recent medical school graduate, Emil Petrescu leaves Romania to take over a retiring doctor’s medical practice in the Belgian countryside. He moves to a house not far from an old mining pit, in a region undergoing profound changes caused by a crumbling mining economy and agricultural crises. During the winter, a meteorite disintegrates in the sky, a phenomenon that will leave an old man mute. The young doctor is called to his aid.

Trailer :

5 - 15 october 2017

An international jury overview the sections of short films coming from all over the world. The festival prefers film treating important subjects in an original way, films which don't avoid ambiguity and complexity, films, which are sometimes stay enigmatic, so that refection and mind are going on moving, exceptional films, which covers all kind of artistically expressions, films open for esthetical innovation, shortly films reflecting the perturbing strangeness of the modern world in a complex way.



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