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Le 17e Festival International
Signes de Nuit

3 - 13 october, 2019

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 Bibliotheque Francois Truffaut
Maison du Mexique
 Bibliotheque Francois Truffaut
Maison du Portugal
 Bibliotheque Francois Truffaut

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Competition International
Short Films
# 5
Saturday October 5, 8 pm
Maison du Portugal
Cité internationale universitaire de Paris





Anna Sobolevska


2014 | 00:24:00

Corporations digitize the souls of the dying and place them in the digital world beyond the grave forever. Young guy Ian is strongly against digitalizing. The sudden car crash, makes Ian go against his principles. He wants to bring back to life his wife, who is in a coma after the accident.



Dante vs. Mohammed Ali



Marc Wagenaar

Belgium, Netherlands

2018 | 00:25:00

When Wolf refuses to fight his best friend Alexander during a weekly boxing match, the whole village turns against him. He tries to convince Alexander to join him leaving the village, but his overly romantic message runs into a wall.



1,5 Meters Space
1,5 Metirä Tila



Vilja Autioky


2018 | 00:16:20

Sinikka has by chance made acquaintance with her downstairs neighbour Vilja and asked her for help. Things have taken over Sinikka's home and there is only a small human-sized pathway left in the apartment. As a window renovation is approaching, Sinikka needs to clear 1,5 meters empty space. A short documentary of friendship and its meaning in giving and receiving help.




The Sound Of Unexpected Death
Lyden Af Uventet Død



Alexander Sagmo


2019 | 00:30:00

It is a completely normal night, full of petty fights and everyday happenings – until it isn’t. Six seemingly innocuous scenarios serve as the prelude to a horrific, unexpected terror. Within the same short span of time, we peek into the lives of various individuals. Only at the very end do we find out what has happened, and the victims’ phones all start ringing at the same time – the sound of unexpected death.


3 - 13 october 2019

An international jury overview the sections of short films coming from all over the world. The festival prefers film treating important subjects in an original way, films which don't avoid ambiguity and complexity, films, which are sometimes stay enigmatic, so that refection and mind are going on moving, exceptional films, which covers all kind of artistically expressions, films open for esthetical innovation, shortly films reflecting the perturbing strangeness of the modern world in a complex way.


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