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Mai 26 2009

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Adress unknown
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Guo Xiaolu
2008 | Beta digi | 0:10:00 | vost

From an apartment in Beijing, a woman writes postcards and send them to a man in London. We see neither the woman, nor the man. We only see the camera contemplating Beijing from the eye of a melancholic person. Each postcard is a long catch of static sight.


Cocais, a cidade reinventada (Cocais, the reinvented city)
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Ines Cardoroso
2008 | Beta digi | 0:15:00 | vost

Cocais is a poetic documentary realised with the patients and the employees of a psychiatric hospital, they reinvent their city.



Luna Zero
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Antonello Matarazzo
2006 | DV | 0:04:15 | without dialog

"Project Apollo" planned, from 1961 to 1972, a long series of human spaceflight missions, turning into a real conquest, one of the greatest dreams in history. Since then, no American has ever landed on the moon again, but on this side of the outer space, the adventure is going on...



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Patrick Jolley
2006 | Beta digi | 0:11:00 | vo

A building starts to be allergic to the substances left by the inhabitants. The walls suffer from eczema, warts and oozing wounds; the building is alive but sick.



Remords (Remorse)
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Yann Sinic et Nathalie Combe
2006 | Beta digi | 0:04:00 | vo

Retracing the life of a woman and mother, which couldn’t continue any more. Intimate reshearch of this enigmatic moment, when life gets unbearable.




Meu nomé é Paolo Leminski (My name is Paolo Leminski)
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Cesar Migliorin
2004 | Beta digi | 0:04:00 | vo

An argument between a father and his son about the poems of Paulo Lewinski. ” No matter what I make, a part of me that I scorn always think that it is great, I can only rectify with difficulty, I can't change anything, it's already a classique."


Mon Ventre (My stomach)
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Thomas Faverjon
2005 | Beta digi | 0:05:00 | vo

And if the inhabitants of a little town in germany where standind in the middle of palestinian refugees camp? And if my stomach was the link between these two far countries?



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Royston Tan
2005 | Beta SP | 0:05:00 | without dialog

The rhythm and sound connects different people in different contexts to a new kind of community.



Schizophrenic State
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Guli Silberstein
2003 | Beta digi | 0:06:00 | vo

Two images on my television screen: An israelian soldier being lynched in Rammalla, a Palestinian child and his father being shot in Gaza. How can horror be expressed in words?
It's a schizophrenic situation - two camps grabbed by a cycle of violence. And I am myself in a schizophrenic state, looking at that from New York - neither here, nor over there. Are these images real?



Rêves (Dreams)
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Dominique Feraudy
2005 | Beta digi | 0:16:30 | vo

The painful decomposition of Martin Luther King's very important speech. A audio-visual comment of what happenned with its projects.



Impending Doom
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Edgar Pêra
2006 | DV | 0:07:00 | without dialog

Filmed into super 8, Impending Doom is a visual testimony and a sound interpretation of two communion ceremonies. They took place in Rome and Lisbon in 2005. The two communities with their own beliefs and ideologies shared the feelings of pain, sorrow and peace within a world in war.

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