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November 2010


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Director: Newton l. Aduaka
Nigeria / Senegal / France
2004 | 0:13:00

Set in a world where the natural and supernatural are one, a world in which the living and the dead at once exist and intermingle, a world between night and day, of mirrors. This world of coexisting opposites is the one in which Aicha and Moussa meet and share love for a moment.


At the middle of the earth, wells and men

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Director: Ingrid Patetta
2007 | 0:25:07
| vosta

Standing on the edge of a well, a man has a rudimentary harness. Camera in hand, he dives and there began a dizzying descent, joined two men who work at the center of the earth. We have to penetrate in the world of traditional puisatier in the lands of Niger. Filmed in the desert of the country, the film reveals the expertise of these men who fight against the sand to reach water and the impact of desertification on the pastoralist community.

First elections

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Director: Sarah Vanagt
Belgium / Congo
2006 | Mini-DV et Super 8 | 0:15:00 | vosta

Democratic Republic of Congo. A group of children have fun anticipating the first democratic elections since the independence. They imitate political speech, violent and caricatural, with which they grew. This game becomes a barometer of the political situation between the DRC and Rwanda.

Kinshasa 2.0

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Director: Teboho Edkins
South Africa
2007 | 0:11:00 | vosta

The relationship between the internet, the virtual spaces of "Second Life" and democracy are explored in this short film inspired by the arrest of Marie-Thérèse Nlandu, a lawyer at the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Congo and leader of the Party for Peace in Congo. An investigation into the effects of the arrest on the family, with Carine, Marie-Thérèse's niece.

Le cri de la mer (The cry of the sea)

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Director: Aicha Thiam
Senegal / Belgium
2008 | 0:26:00

Le Cri de la Mer is the struggle of a mother Yaye Bayam Diouf, who lost his only son in a boat bound, destination: the Canary Islands. Today Thiaroye-sur-mer, her neighborhood, her life is devoted to the fight against illegal immigration. Le Cri de la Mer is also a cry from the heart, a singular light on a scourge that carried away more than 3000 young Senegalese.

Waramutsého! (Hello!)

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Director: Auguste Bernard Kouemo Yanghu
France / Belgium / Cameroun
2008 | 35mm
| 0:21:00


This is the story of two students from Rwanda living in Toulouse. The war begin in their countries. They have no news, just a few informations. Then, the they have to face death, by distance.

Tout à refaire (Everything to remake)

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Director: Sadio Doucouré
France / Mali
2007 | Beta SP
| 0:32:00

Mamad has just celebrated its 18 years with all his friends, although born in Mali, he lives in France since since fifteen years and lives in Pantin with his parents, brothers and sisters. While leaving his birthday party, Mamad and three of his friends undergo a banal police control. While the others are slackened, Mamad have no papers and is sent to a retention center in Roissy. 


Ra, la réparatrice (Ra, the reparation woman)

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Director: Mamadou Cissé
2007 | 0:25:07
| vosta

In Bamako, Ra, a girl of twenty-five years, exercices a " man business": she repairs generators and works following the rithm of seasons. Ra grants also great importance to social relations: she encapsulates young girls from twelve to fifteen years old and participates to activities organized by the girls of the neighborhood. The young Kaba recycles generators to make crockery utensils. The wedding day of Ra,we will find the gifts given by her girl friend Kadi from recycling parts of generators sold by the young Kaba.

Surtout souriez (Above all, smile)

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Director: Fatou Jupiter Touré
Senegal / Belgium
2006 | DV | 0:08:00

It is by chance that I met Maymunah when I was lost in a bus station. Her spontaneity and freedom made me curious.Gradually a real friendship is born between us. Thereafter, I
wanted to film the time of a day at the station in turmoil, as close as possible to reality, to try to capture what makes it so special and appealing to my eyes.

Humanitaire! (Humanitarian!)

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Director: Adama Roamba
Burkina Faso
2007 | DV | 0:16:00

In a refugee camp a medical team is working under harsh conditions facing the frozen frontiers between soldiers and partisans. Especially land mines on the road representing a particular risk... Roambas work points out the absurd inhumanities in war times and the personal risk some persons are ready to take just to follow their human engagements.

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