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Amazigh Film Festival
Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria

March 15-20 2010

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Below Sea Level

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Gianfranco Rosi
2008 | 35mm | 1:55:00

A 300 kilometers in the south-east of Los Angeles and 35 meters under the lower part of the sea level, a group of marginal people lives in the middle of the desert. It is not a question of a community of hippies, only of people who turned their back to society and wants to live quietly.

Grand prix cinéma du Réel 2009.
Prix des jeunes Cinéma du réel 2009
Jury Prix Venice 2008


This film has not ben screened bevause of not attributed visa in Algeria

Khazakhstan, naissance d'une nation (Khazakhstan, birth of a nation)

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Guillaume Reynard / Christian Barani
2008 | Beta digi | 1:04:00

Starting point, the speech of the President Noursoultan Nazarbaiev which is really important concerning the future of Kazakhstan. A new capitalist world, without anchoring, is built on phantasms and appropriations. The Soviet referents are disavowed. Everything is reinvented. Reality changes. A veil covers reality. A political fiction takes form with the new postmodern capital, Astana, dream of the President…


MenSonges (Lies)

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Gerald Cairashi
2008 | HD | 0:09:30

Beauty, dignity, and fragility of the human body in a poetic reflexion by using sound and image.

Maesmak (What's your name?)

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Georges Salameh
Greece - Italy
2008 | Beta digi | 0:20:20

A meditative exploration of one day spent in Rutba in late 2002, just before the invasion of Iraq. A Greek traveller, an English doctor and an Iraqi storyteller encounters, the starting point is the same question: Maesmak? The Arabic phrase for : "What is your


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Mihai Grecu
2008 | Beta digi | 0:06:00

Absences, presences and distortions in a fluids choreography. Enigmatic forces twists the physical laws and affect the behavior of the beings living in these purified spaces.


Muro (The Wall)

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2008 | 35mm | 0:18:00

Soul in the void, expanding desert.

Wunderkammer (The miracles room)

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Andrea Pallaoro
United - States

2008 | 35mm | 0:13:00

The life in this little flat is surrounded by so much beauty that it can't be real.

Song for the Deaf Ear

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Hisham M .Bizri

2008 | 35mm | 0:18:00

Song for a deaf ear? Is a poetic film about the insanity of the war and violence in Lebanon. The director goes back to his native country in 2007 in order to create a film about the death of its neighbors a few twenty years ago. He builds a history about a man who was shot in Beirut's streets during the civil war and about the fact that the world is crumbling around him.

This monkey (Ce singe)

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Patrick Jolley
2008 | 16mm | 0:07:00

Monkeys took power on earth. A surrealistic vision.

Décapitation d'un chien souriant (Decapitation of a smiling dog)

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Georg Lendorff
Switzerland / United Kingdom

2008 | Beta digi | 0:06:36

Childrens have seen a decapitation on tv. Then, they decide to reproduce what they have seen.

Brises (Waves)

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Enrique Ramirez
France - Chili
2008 | 16mm| | 0:13:00

How can we see human History? How could we go backwards? I'm born in 1979, six years after the chilean political events. I'm a part of this history, full of contradictions.

The War-tching machine

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Trini Prada
Colombia / France
2009 | mini-DV | 0:05:00

It is difficult to say since when the FARCs (revolutionary forces of Colombia) lost their ideals. Thousands of 12 year old childrens are being kidnapped, and gradually undergo “brains washing”. Among them, the majority of the girls undergo sexual violences and are forced to practice a form of prostitution in the enclosure of the FARCS.

Pribuletz (Offworlder)

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Dymytro Moyseyev
2009 | 35 mm | 0:09:00

An Aliénwith n joyful and poetic minis d attacked by humans.

A Film Far Beyond a God

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Wael Noueddine

2008 | 35mm | 0:41:00

“Film Far Beyond has God”, is a documentary taking the form of a poem about the research of Hubal, during a kind of pilgrimage where the cultural rite is ressuscity because we're filming it. The film proposes a vision about the first god of Mecque : Hubal, who was there before the birth of Islam. So, many spectators will have access to this little part of history and will have the possibility to question it.



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