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4th International Festval for Film and Video Creation (FIFVC)
Beyrouth, Lebanon

May 12 2010
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Program n°1
Wednesday May 12 2010, 21:30 - 23:00
Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts
(ALBA) - Sin el Fil - Liban

Just in Time
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Kirsten Winter
1999 * 35 mm * 0:09:00* sans dialogue
Music: Simon Stockhausen

During a trip by train crossing the United States, the fimmaker is confronted by the psysical consequences of her car accident. A nearly abstract film with a mixture of computer images based on photos and paintings.


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Gülseli-Bille Baur
2004 * DV * 0:15:03

A girl, Una, and her mother. Never in her life Una was without her mother. How will it be when the death arrives?


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Hagen Wiel
2010 * DV * 0:20:00

The movie's subject is the relationship between the thrownness of the individual and its attempt to form himself into existence. It's a movie about the centrifugal force of the body, the thinking body, a resonance room of the inner world. This acting flesh is director, viewer and actor performing for itself...


We - 1st Person Plural
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Kika Kirchenbauer
2009 * DV * 0:10:00

"This is a film about predictable patterns of human behaviour" and at the same time a decomposed commentary about the impossible encounters between people.


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Tim Bollinger
2008 * DV * 0:05:00

When the linear time perception get's broken, all kinds of phantoms can come in... and it's no longer possible to tell a story, and the event takes you inside of the labyrinth


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Hannes Burchert
2008 * DV * 0:15:00

A work about the loneliness, the beauty, the strangeness, the pleasure and the crazyness of research. Somewhere in the snowfield there is a searchers, who is overpassing thousands and thousands of years..



Program n°2
Wednesday May 12 2010, 23:30 - 01:00
Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts
(ALBA) - Sin el Fil - Liban


+ Infos

Almagul Menlibaeva
2007 * DV* 0:12:12
There is a belief in Central Asia that eating the internal organs of one’s totemic animal will increase a corresponding power within oneself. This belief is reflected in this movie, illustrated in the actions of a group of urbanite Kazakh girls who eat and feed one another the sheep’s head. The caused headache provokes transformations...


Cocais, A cidade reinventada (Cocais, The Reinvented Town)
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Ines Cardoso
2008 * 35 mm * 0:15:00

Cocais is a poetic documentary, made with the patients and the staff of a psychiatric hospital which are reinventing their city.



Address Unknown
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Guo Xiaolu
2008 * DV * 0:10:00

From a Beijing apartment, a woman is writing postcards to a man in London. We do not see the woman or the man; we only see the camera contemplating Beijing with a melancholic eye. Each postcard is a long static shot.


Wolkengestalt (Form of clouds)
+ Infos

Silvia Maglioni, Graeme Thomson
2007 * DV * 0:13:00

Goethe’s meteorological observations from September 11, 1819 descend on the clouds of the present day from an ambivalent outside, an off-screen that is dissociated and plagued by doubt. Under the constant threat of global war, the word has withdrawn into itself and the images-temps become an opaque, ineluctable overcast, clouded by abrasive, endlessly echoing sounds.


Fone Für Follies
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Vivian Ostrovsky
2007 * Beta SP (org. cell phone) * 0:09:30

Philosophical reflexions and profond statements in competition with moving cats. Question of vitality. A felinosophy of life. Visually speaking, this film is a carbon copy of telepathy, with a new soundtrack destined for English speakers.


Dancing was the only way to avoid deafness
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Anthony Abou Khalifé et Jean-Noël Aoun
2006 * DV * 0:05:00 without dialog

Night in the streets of Beyrouth. The camera shoots in real time a man on the pavement. It indicates the date with precision: July 12th 2006, the beginning of the war. Despite the calm and beauty of movements, despite the blurry and slow picture, a menace is hanging. This experimental film, filled with music and tardiness, lets us feel the omnipresence of violence.


Rapsódia do Absurdo (Rapsody of the Absurd)
+ Infos

Claudia Nunes
2006 * DV * 0:16:00 * without dialog

Experimentel documentary showing files scenes of two outstanding episodes of the fight for the land in the countryside and in the city in Brazil. Santa Luzia’s Farm and Parque Oeste Industrial, in Goias state.


Wolf Lake
+ Infos

Michael W. Smith
2006 * DV * 0:04:15

A young woman describes her ordeal at Wolf Lake.. In Voice off she delivered quietly all details of her being murdered. The audiemce is made witness to the moments leading to the crime, but also about the history of the relationsship.


Luna Zero
+ Infos

Antonello Matarazzo
2006 * DV * 0:04:15 * without dialog

"Project Apollo" planned, from 1961 to 1972, a long series of human spaceflight missions, turning into a real conquest, one of the greatest dreams in history. Since then, no American has ever landed on the moon again, but on this side of the outer space, the adventure is keeping on...


The Apology Line
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James Lees
Great Britain
2007 * Beta SP * 0:10:00

The creation of a telephone line for those who wish to say sorry, where everything can be confessed, anonymously.



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