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Salento, Italy

August 15th 2010
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Water in all dimensions...
ecological, metaphorical, symbolical, essential...


Dirty Paradise (Dirty Paradise)
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Daniel Schweitzer
Switzerland / France
2009 | DCP | 1:16:00 | vo

DIRTY PARADISE is a true story. The story of the Wayana people, French Indians of Amazonia who are cursed by living in a region rich of gold sources. Consequently, the uncontrolled exploitation of this wealth has brought about a severe deterioration of the forest’s ecosystem, the irreversible pollution of streams, as well as countless violations of fundamental human rights.



Aquarium (Aquarius)
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Pawel Wojtasik
2006 | DV| 0:10:00 | vo

“The Aquarium" was filmed in high-definition video in Alaska, Mystic, and New York City. The video contrasts the views of the Arctic landscape with the claustrophobia of captured sea animals living in aquariums. These artificial environments offer a safe place to the endangered animals and at the same time for the visitors a mesmerizing glimpse of the marine life.  “The Aquarium” looks beyond the spectacle to the reality of progressive destruction of these animals' life conditions. Not simply an environmental critique, the film assumes an attitude of wonder towards its magnificent subjects: the animals, the landscape, the human observers, and the artificial environments created in the purpose to domesticate nature.



Sinkl (Sink)
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Kristin Tan
Singapour / Thailand
2008 | HD | 0:10:40 | without dialog

A parabole about the paradox of time, the interference of eternity and finiteness and the unforeseeables consequences of a little gesture. On the same time a meditation about the relation between human beings and the endless ocean, about the different episode of a small life in front of the endless nature.



Experimente des Liebes (Experiments on the body)
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Hagen Wiel
2010 | DV | 0:20:40 | without dialog

The movie's subject is the relationship between the thrownness of the individual and its attempt to form itself into existence. It's a movie about the centrifugal force of the body, the thinking body, as a resonance room of the inner world. This acting flesh is director, viewer and actor performing itself...



Rain is falling (Rain is falling)
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Holger Ernst
2004 | 35mm | 0:15:00 | sans dialogue

In the inland of Morocco a young girl takes care for her ill mother living in an isolated house. Water and rain get in this context nearly a mystical signification…

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