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Paris, France
1st October 2010

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Lost worlds

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Director: Gyula Nemes
2009 | mini-DV| | 0:20:00

The demolition, then the rebuilding of the Kopaszi boulevard, in the
center of Budapest, between 1998 and 2007. Dwellings of fortune,
private individuals facing the bad weather and the attack of the investors.
A Documentary in 35mm, filmed almost entirely in black and white.


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Director: Mihai Grecu
2008 | 0:06:00

Absences, presences and distortions in an aquatic choreography of fluids. Enigmatic forces are changing the physical laws and affect the behavior of human beeings in clean areas.


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Director: Almagul Menilbayeva
2009 | DV | 0:11:00

Exodus, with the manner of a strange and powerful tale, documents the old traditions that nowadays disappeared in Kazaksthan. indigenous nomads, men and women, are shown there on their starting point, using these kind of tents or " Yourta" that the nomads have over there. We see the representation of some old chamanic ritual, known as " The closed road", but mistreated under the eyes young child, that such perpetration fascinate like the disavowal of its own tradition. This is a manner, at the same time, to evoke a kind of universal uprooting.

Présence simple futur parfait (Simple presence, futur perfect)

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Director: Davide Pepe
2009 | DV | 0:05:00

Resounding voyage in a splendid space of nervousness where the threat is everywhere. The beauty is unveiled in an existential alphabet.


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Director: Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni
2008 | 35mm | 0:12:30

The world of yesterday. When we could have lazy days, and when
the doors has no bolt. We were still believing in hapiness and hope.
This world is ending. And with him the shadow of my grandmother
is gone.

Journal des fin (Diairy of the end)

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Director: Juan Alejandro Ramirez
Germany, Peru
2009 | Beta | 0:24:00

A woman facing a bleak future recounts her life in sketchy, seemingly random, episodes. One by one the scars and despair left by a life ridden with responsibilities and sacrifice, but little joy, inevitably emerge. Diario
del fin is a visceral and moving account filled with brutally honest, yet liberating, confessions.

Clean up

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Director: Sebastian Mez
2009 | 35mm | 0:09:20

His work is to clean the rooms where we applicate the capital punishment by lethal injection. A ritual in which the spectator becomes a kind of witness of an execution.


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