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We - 1st person plural
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Vika Kirchenbauer
2009 | DV | 0:10:00

"This is a film about predictable patterns of human behaviour" and at the same time a decomposed commentary about impossible encounters between people.


Clean up
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Sebastian Mez
2008 | 35mm | 0:09:20

It's his job to recover the death chamber at an american prison after the executions of the condemned by lethal injection. It's a ritual act in which the viewer becomes witnesses of an execution.


Die Charles Bonnet-Variante (The Charles Bonnet-Variante)
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Werner Biedermann
2009 | DV | 0:05:00

The film “The Charles-Bonnet-Variant” aims at the emotions of the spectator as – astonishingly enough – the Charles-Bonnet-Syndrom (CBS) is to be found in the heart of the film enthusiast as well. As Bonnet* shows, there is more than the mirror image on the retina, there are wide varieties of visual impressions in the eye, that are hard to understand, because they are nourished by illogical hallucinatory memories of life and they know and reflect the se(e)cret longings – often repressed.

Experimente des Leibes (Experiences on the body)
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Hagen Wiel
2010 | DV | 0:20:00

The movie's subject is the relationship between the thrownness of the individual and its attempt to form itself into existence. It's a movie about the centrifugal force of the body, the thinking body, a resonance room of the inner world. This acting flesh is director, viewer and actor performing for itself...

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Fabian Busch
2009 | 35mm | 0:13:00

Free from his professional duties; a sexagenarian doesn’t know how to occupy his free time. It’s not easy to feel useful again after retirement..

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Tim Bollinger
2008 | Beta digi | 0:05:00

A journey through worlds of the subconscious, allowing us to catch sinister glimpses of the human psyche’s ambivalence.

Six appartments
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Reynold Reynolds
2007 | DV | 0:12:00

Daily life of western people in their appartments and isolation confronted with knowledge and messages about the ongoing destruction of the planet.

Give me more
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Ulsenma Borchu
2007 | 0:14:00

Give me more is based on the idea of knowing somebody through nakedness on the intimate space of an appartment. The movie tells the story of two girls becoming friends. Between dreams and secrets, this subtile and delicate movie filmed in black and white shows the relationship between these two girls over their simple nudity.

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