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is invited together with the local partners, the Indielisboa and Rotterdam Film Festival to program
the International competition of the

First International Experimental Film Festival
Bucharest, Rumania

24-28 November 2009


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Dormente (Sleeper)

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Director: Joel Pizzini
2005 | 35mm | 0:15:00

Stations, tracks and electric wires from the nighttime frame of Dormente, which reveals formmms without borders, paralysed forces, repetitive gestures, memories, self portraits and the darkness of our daily journey.


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Director: Dije Han Thung
2006 | 35mm | 0:06:00

As in a setting of a documentary film making the spectators is confronted up from the beginning in situation, which is not clearly defined. The spectator follows a camera/man following origin inhabitants of a tropical forest to an unknown aim. It gets clear, that the movements and observations of the spectator don’t fit in those of the origins. Where can a voyage lead based on complete misunderstanding and mistrust? The viewpoint of the camera seems to be a protected space. But this is an illusion. Where communication don’ t take place, death is happening.

Plot Point

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Director: Nicolas Provost
2007 | HD | 0:15:15 | without dialogue

New York City, a melting point of stories and events, horror and success, dreams and despair: Provost intrudes this space of potentials with a hidden camera. He detects faces and gestures, signs and signals, fragments of communication and monadic introversions. He signs a cosmos of endless interaction without communication. He shows a town as a jungle of  permanent threat and danger. Civilisation appears as wildness and the human body as a too fragile system in the endless complexity of traffic and pulsations.


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Director: Christopher Rainer
2006 | 35mm | 0:15:00 | without dialog

A dystrophy of smashed images. A physical force emerges from the unarticulated movements of contours and shadows and besides a slack-jawed, fable girl trying to reconstruct her relationship to the world as a silhouette. Fawn is a nightmare and an inside look in hell, where an aggressive noise seems to evoke a machine of permanent destruction, which is maybe the unconscious itself. And in the centre of this hell a female voice is speaking, telling her of own death, but to whom the voice is still speaking, and from where?


The Apology Line

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Director : James Lees
Great Britain
2007 | Beta SP | 0:10:00

James Lees announced in a journal a telephone number, where people can exclaim their excuses and confesses anonymously. He sound track from Apology Line consists on these voices, telling an often long hidden pain in this way. The films puts this voices in a visual frame dominated by the night, space of intimacy and challenge, echo room of the separated voices, which only can communicate their message in this particular way hoping to find a listener. The reasons, intentions and moods for saying “Sorry” can be quite different, so the opportunity for a complex human concert is given.

To Be Continued

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Director: Amit Dutta
2007 | 0:22:00

An ascetic walks through the narrow streets of a village every morning while his family is still asleep. In this semi-somnolent state he dreams about the history if his village mixing up Myths, folklore and facts. The simple walk in the space transforms itself in a voyage through time, memories, suggestions and irritations.



27,000 Days

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Director: Naveen Singh
Etats - Unis
2007 | DV| | 0:10:00

Writing a letter to his long-lost son and under the influence of a brain tumour, a dying man is confronted with suppressed emotions and the consequences of his behaviour in the past. A fragmented, intriguing story about dysfunctional relations.

Cocais, a cidade reinventada (Cocais, the Reinvented Town)

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Director: Ines Cardoroso
2008 | 35mm | 0:15:00

Cocais is a poetic documentary, made with the patients and the staff of a psychiatric hospital which are reinventing their city. The spectator gets a witness of the force of the camera, which provokes and creates new realities just by remembering old promises, hopes and projects. Coming back to a space of historically high expectations can be a disillusion or a stimulation, not to accept the facts but to create them.


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Director: Guli Silberstein
2008 | DV | 0:04:35

A selection of the news stream and digital images on the web: a family hide itself behind a wall in their neighboorhood, which is touched by the war. Guli Silberstein compresse and slowed down the images and pointed out supplementary dimensions of the scene. The reality is transformed in a psychedelic landscape, with the aim to create a deranging contrast between images and the documented fact. Fear seems deconstructed into pixels.

This Monkey

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Director: Patrick Jolley
2008 | 16mm | 0:07:00

In a post apocalyptic scenario the human beings have disappeared. The human space has been occupied by monkeys, which act in a strange and nervous way. The question is posed, what happened? And will there still be a future?

Nous (Us)
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Director: Olivier Hems
2007 | Super 8 | 0:11:49

On the base of some photographies and writings found in the apartment of a death man, the reconstruction of his life started. His death gets readable as the last act of a life without high intentions or aspiration, a lonely life, in which the separation from the beloved appears as the decisive moment of self abandon and auto destruction.

Wunderkammer (Chamber of Wonders)

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Director: Andrea Pallaoro
2008 | 35mm | 0:13:00

In a strange apartment filled with objects of museum objects of and symbols of beauty and taste. An old woman takes care of a handicapped young man. Completely isolated from the rest of the world they have created their own cosmology and a unique style of live.

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