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Rauschgift (Addicted)
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Peter Baranowski
2011 | Digital | 0:23:00

Between rainy Germany and the dodgy roads of the Moroccan Rif mountains, on a path usually used for drug-trafficking, a man tries to reach out for his fading love.



Road of Dreams
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Mona Rafatzadeh
2009 | Digital | 0:17:00

They are dreaming of high-heeled gold shoes, that their birthday is just round the corner, and that school is closed down because of heavy snow. The children in Mona Rafatzadeh's exploratory vérité vox-pop remind us of all other children. At first. Because they also dream about a school where both boys and girls can attend, that they can be seen together with their boyfriend or girlfriend, and that the popular Imam Zaman will soon come to visit them. Things are different for the grownups. They don't know what their dreams are, or rather: they don't dare speak about them. The dream of a spouse, wealth, a car, and a dream job is the common denominator, but the desire to leave Iran and live in California, to travel to Mekka, to live a relaxed and free life is also a part of their dreams.



Just Shoot Me
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Claudia Nunes
2010 | Béta SP | 0:67:00

The streets of Goiana in Brazil. Who? A cluster of those real, homeless kids who hauntingly overpopulate Brazilian cities. How? “Film me, that’s all,” “Film here!” and the camera passes from hand to hand, and the filmed become in their turn cameramen, sound engineers and interviewers. And everything made with shots that never stop surprising, jostling each other, dancing or whirling around like this revolving door that makes dizzy the apartment bars in the background. When? Shot initially over a period of two years twenty years ago, Claudia Nunes has revisited this material from which she first made a short, Numéro Zéro; then after having found and re-filmed some of the characters, she edited everything together. Without thought for the chronology, but reflecting this permanent present where all these faces and their words seem to live; from this fragmented mosaic emerges a collective portrait, an epic trajectory where each, a hero, has his part. The remains of this experience of direct cinema: the testimony of crippled childhoods. Examples among others: a brutal eviction, a session of glue sniffing or the funeral of one of them. Archive of a youth filmed without dramatization, without either cuteness or miserabilism, in a film in black and white that presents itself as homage to vitality and energy.

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