International Festival Signs of the Night - Paris
Festival internatinal Signes de nuit - Paris

19e Festival international Signes de Nuit - Paris / 1-10 octobre 2021

Online Edition


October 1st, 2021- 9 pm -
October 3re,2021 - 9 pm

Online Screening


Man in Chain

Alireza Mirasadollah
United Kingdom / 2021 / 0:22:23

Issa is a 29 year old man held by chains. In the past 14 years, through winter and summer, rainy seasons and drought, he has been tethered around a thick, solid tree root within the sight of the family hut. He cannot move beyond the earthen circle allowed by his two-meter-thick metal chain.



Khalil Rashnavi
Iran / 2020 / 0:42:14

Neighbours / Khalil Rashnavi / Iran / 2020 / 0:42:14 Through its tension full narrative flow and formal treatment, this documentary sheds light on the immense suffering of dogs in Iran. The camera follows the story of a cleric and his colleagues who set out to challenge the brutal treatment of these animals under the guise of outdated religious teachings.



Orchestra From the Land of Silence

Lucia Kasova
Slovakia / 2020 / 0:30:00

You’ll defeat the beast with the power of music. Zohra - the first female orchestra of Afghanistan. Girls are preparing for their journey to play a concert in Europe. We see their everyday reality in contemporary Afghanistan through eyes of 16 year old girl Marzia. After arriving in Europe unexpected thing happens and four members of the orchestra decide to run away…