International Festival Signs of the Night - Paris
Festival internatinal Signes de nuit - Paris

19e Festival international Signes de Nuit - Paris / 1-10 octobre 2021

Online Edition


October 4th, 2021- 9 pm -
October 6th, 2021 - 9 pm



This Haunting Memory That Is Not My Own

Panos Aprahamian
Lebanon / 2021 / 0:29:45

"This Haunting Memory That Is Not My Own" is an experimental essay film oscillating between ethnographic cinema and dystopian climate-fiction. It explores the spectral presence of traumatic pasts, and lost futures, in the bodies and structures around Beirut’s old quarantine district and port.


The De Facto Martyr Suite

Justine de Gasquet
Switzerland / 2020 / 0:18:13

Ibn Kenyatta is in prison since 1974. In 2019 he reflects on his refusal to appear before the New York state parole board. The words resonate from his cell with images of the great migration. The invocation of a life before walls. The story takes us from Alabama, his birth place, to the New York subway where he was arrested and beaten.


Starring Vera Miles

Andrew Hahn
United States / 2021 / 0:29:46

A first-person sci-fi thriller, "Starring Vera Miles" is constructed from nearly 100 classic films and mixed with dialogue from various Vera Miles roles that becomes our heroine's internal voice, as the montage of subjective camera shots becomes her vision of a questionable reality.



Alessandro Di Maio
Italy 2021 / 0:10:00

Bardo in Tibetan means intermediate state, and indicates the condition of transition between two states. This film is a journey that reflects on the concepts of Life and Death, of Transition, of Life as a Dream, and of all the illusions that manifest in our lives. It is an invitation to connect with a deeper sense of understanding, found within the space between each sound and image. The audiovisual stream becomes a resonating bridge to the Unseen and Unheard, to a knowledge we know exists, but of which we are habitually unaware. There is an alternative way of experiencing this film, which is to watch it twice, first blindfolded, and then with eyes open. By removing the sense of sight the first time, much more attention is given to the sound stream. Stripped of their ability to "see" outwardly, the audience gains space to picture moments and memories according to their own sensibility. This internal manifestation, this dance of light and color that occurs in the "mind’s eye" in reaction to the soundscapes, becomes a shadow-play of subconscious imagery, replacing "the real" imposed by the eye, by "the possible one" suggested by the ear. As such, the ear becomes the new "sensitive eye", one which is born out of the enhanced combination of external sounds and internally perceived light. The sound will break this light into rarefied shadows, and will introduce the listener to one of the main topics of the film: reality, as we know it, could be nothing but a dream.



Collage 37

Luis Carlos Rodríguez
United States / 2021 / 0:07:00

Intervention, in the form of an audiovisual collage, on the film in the public domain: DEMENTIA (Daugther of Horror) de John Parker (1955), Collage 37 is a collage from the ani series, and is part of a broad experimental audiovisual research project that tries to explore, from the point of view of artistic-expressive activity, formal, structural, narrative and aesthetic issues. For this we intervene and construct variations, spatial and temporal, of mythical scenes from the cinema that have passed through the public domain. We modify its previous meanings, amplifying or varying its narrative value and its audiovisual aspect. Finally, we make sincere tributes of recognition to films and indelible sequences in our memory. Our response is to generate new visual structures and variations, sometimes reinforcing or breaking the original narratives at other times. It is an exercise in evocation of memory and a productive and narrative ecology.