International Festival Signs of the Night - Paris
Festival internatinal Signes de nuit - Paris

19e Festival international Signes de Nuit - Paris / 1-10 octobre 2021

Online Edition


October 5th, 2021- 9 pm -
October 7th, 2021 - 9 pm



Green Thoughts

William Hong-xiao Wei
United Kingdom / 2020 / 0:19:55

Somewhere in the world there is a remote island. The sea. Lush hills. The impenetrable forest. The constantly changing weather. In a lodge by the sea, a Chinese writer immersing herself in reading and writing encounters a Japanese girl who is in a melancholic mood. "Have you ever seen something after its disappearance?" the girl asks. "Where are we right now?" the writer asks. "Somewhere in the past," the girl answers. Night after night some dreams lull them into sleep, but a heavy heart is lost in deep thoughts. What has actually happened and what the two girls are feeling, imagining or remembering starts to overlap. Is the scene of the outer world also becoming the self's inner world?



The Dream Machine

Michael William West
France / 2021 / 0:09:29

A woman experiments with a Dream Machine, hoping to escape trouble. Within the light and dark of the machine, violent emotions awaken.




Theo Willems
China / 2019 / 0:15:06

In the ever-growing chinese capital city, every inhabitant believes in the promise of the “China Dream” and yearns for a better life. For the government the important is that these dreams are for the sake of the nation but how is it possible to create systems to oversee the population of a limitless city?


Quantum Entanglement

Jerry King Musser
United States / 2021 / 0:03:41

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when a pair or group of particles is generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in a way such that the quantum state of each particle of the pair or group cannot be described independently of the state of the others, including when the particles are separated by a large distance. We are all linked whether we like it or not. Within the soundtrack, you will hear English spoken at times. However, the words spoken are not required to understand the concept.



North Star

Louis J Hock
United States / 2021 / 0:25:59

A metaphorical narrative in which the character is left alone at his post indefinitely to ponder the existential. In his hopefulness he resorts to a mystical exploration.




Patrick Dionne, Miki Gingras
Canada / 2021 / 0:18:11

"Yulí" is a journey through the reflections of a young middle-class Colombian; who, influenced by the news media, struggles with her fears and prejudices towards a neighborhood that has a bad reputation.