International Festival Signs of the Night - Paris
Festival internatinal Signes de nuit - Paris

20e Festival international Signes de Nuit - Paris / 1-10 octobre 2022


Discoveries / Surprises
October 2nd , 2022 - 5 pm
Fondation Hellénique - Cité universitaire
47b, Bd Jourdan, 75014 Paris




Akio Yuguchi
Estonia / 2015 / 0:29:59

'homecoming’ recounts Akio Yuguchi's journey back into his homeland after 5 years' absence. The film is a letter of condolence to his father, who lives in Japan in a high-risk area for earthquakes/tsunamis.





Yasmina Khatib
Lebanon / 2019 / 0:16:01

Camilia, a young woman in her twenties, lives in a parallel universe, in which all the inhabitants are on wheelchairs.




Dimitri Staufer
Japan / 2022 / 0:15:00

The future world has become so unbearable that people spend most of their time in a metaverse called KASOUGEN. However, some, including Mei, the girlfriend of Ren, prefer to live a more traditional life in the real world. So when Ren starts a new job at KASOUGEN, the two drift apart. Their best friend Sara plans an encounter of Ren's and Mei's avatars in the virtual world, where the two fall in love again, but simultaneously are torn apart for ever.




The Story of One Soul

Historia jednej duszy

Iryna Kliui
Poland / 2022 / 0:12:06

"The Story of One Soul" is a drama of a woman expecting a child. Her joy was interrupted by the beginning of the tragic event.


Made In Germany (OT: Zeitpunkt X)


Simon Schneider
Germany / 2022 / 0:24:50

A nearly finished construction site. The wiring is completed, the walls are painted, the final inspections are being done. The construction manager Thomas Zetzsche is proud of his achievement. The prestigious building he created is a modern dream come true. But suddenly that dream begins to crumble as more and more defects appear. Cables run into dead ends, the fire protection malfunctions and entire rooms go missing. Desperately Thomas is trying to fix the building until he finally accepts that the opening date has to be postponed. Now he must confront his own responsibility in this faulty system and draw the necessary.