International Festival Signs of the Night - Paris
Festival internatinal Signes de nuit - Paris

20e Festival international Signes de Nuit - Paris / 1-10 octobre 2022



October 2nd, 2025 - 9 pm
Fondation Hellénique - Cité universitaire
47b, Bd Jourdan, 75014 Paris


The Captured


Rongqi Huang
China / 2021 / 0:22:00

After serving his sentence in Xinjiang (a remote province in China), a man returned to his hometown and met a girl who used to work in Shenzhen. They became a couple through the blind date arranged by their traditional Chinese families. With growing understanding of each other, the two "underdogs" struggling in life found some warmth for each other.

Her Face


Caroline Du Potet, Eric Du Potet
France / 2021 / 0:23:40

Claire and Simon are expecting. How do they cope with the situation, when both of them are nonsighted ?



Urania Leilus


Andrew Serban
USA / 2021 / 0:21:17

A young female journalist is subjected to death threats and intimidation after witnessing human rights abuses at an ICE detention center for undocumented immigrant children.





Radhamohini Prasad
Bosnia and Herzegovina / 2021 / 0:30:00

Secondhand films the myriad objects imbricated in everyday life, how they appear, disappear and reappear again in countless ways and how the value and meaning they hold changes with each passing. It is a look at the way these ordinary objects affect - and occasionally rattle - our lives in strange and unexpected ways. For Mirza [Adnan Kreso], a furniture loader in the market at Stup on the edge of Sarajevo, the second-hand watches sold and resold in the market become a focus for his unrequited thirst for horology. While for those who bargain-hunt through the flea market’s lanes, these motley objects become an affordable trove of life's essentials. Flotsam and jetsam from other lives, the discarded objects swirl and eddy like shards of memory that carry little meaning, until the chance appearance of some memorabilia collides with the present and brings the film to a close with a violent sad surge.