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8ème Festival international
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29 Mars - 11 Avril



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Documentary Art

Program n°1
Documentary Art / Focus Afrique
Monday March 29th, 17h - Mairie du X. Arr., Salle des Fêtes

The Breach + Infos


Abdoul Aziz Cissé
2007 | DV | 0:32:30

In Saint Louis, town located in the middle of river Senegal Delta, is born a child. They traditionally make offering to the Spirit of the River. The building of infrastructures for water mastery has endangered the delta environment in the beginning of the 1980s. And populations are suffering.

Maam Kumba + Infos


Alioune N'Diaye
2008 | DV | 0:26:00

Maam Kumba Bang is the spirit of the waters of the island of Saint Louis. Its mysterious and mythical presence governs the city and river and the collective imagination has built up a vivid picture around it. But only a few people can say that they have met this divinity. The film, through some accounts, re-evokes this ancient legend which continues to live.
Food chain + Infos


Marie-Louise Sarr
2008 | DV | 0:28:00

Each day, the Gaston Berger university restaurant in Senegal provides food for more than 5000 students. A food chain that works from dawn to dusk. This film shows the patient and careful processing of food as well as the working bodies of all those who are preparing and serving the meals. .

Program n°2
Documentary Art / Opening Film
Monday March 29th, 19h - Mairie du X. Arr., Salle des Fêtes

To Age or not to Age
+ Infos


Robert Kane Pappas
United States
2010 | 35 mm * | 1:34:00

This documentary resume the actual scientifically research about the possibility to stop aging. Will be biological immortality accomplished one day, soon.. and what will be the existential and philosophical consequences..

Program n° 3
Monday March 29th, 19h - Mairie du X. Arr., Salle des Fêtes
Saturday Avril 10th, 16h - Maison Heinrich Heine

Russian Lessons
+ Infos


Andrej Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya
Russia, Norway
2009 | 35 mm* | 01:40:00

The two directors Andrei Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya have filmed the war between Russia and Georgia in 2008. By comparing their own images with those distributed by Russian authorities they have remarked, that the occidental medias have distributed largely the official version without any verification, which has been far away from what they saw and heard.


Program n° 4
Documentary Art / Focus Africa 2
Tuesday March 30th, 17h - Mairie du X. Arr., Salle des Fêtes

+ Infos

Çarla Zencirci, Guillaume Giovanetti
Japon, France
2009 * Digi Beta * 0:29:00


Out of a human Styx come some figures, a few souls, in the whirling Tokyo Metropolis. The end of the day, a breath, a retreat: this familiar 10 m2 place, the “La Jetée” bar, hold by “Mama” Kawai San. But tonight, someone is missing...

Congo in four acts
+ Infos


Dieudo Hamadi, Divita Wa Lusala, Patrick Ken Kalala, Kiripi Katembo Siku Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa,
2010 * DV * 00:72:00


As the "Heart of Darkness", Congo remains to this day a huge space onto which the rest of the world can project certain ideas. With this film, young Congolese directors react to these projections by offering an inside view. Their cameras delve into different microcosms. The film begins with the absurd everyday life of a maternity ward. Many mothers cannot leave the hospital after giving birth because they cannot pay the bill. Right from the start of their new life, these women and their babies are trapped in the clutches of poverty and bureaucracy. A journey through the breathtaking labyrinth of Kinshasa's transformed infrastructure follows. The life of a young female journalist, whose father – a government opponent – was murdered, is portrayed. Grace Ngyke continues the fight for freedom of speech in the changed, but no less complicated, present.

Program n° 5
Tuesday March 30th, 19h - Mairie du X. Arr., Salle des Fêtes

Burma VJ
+ Infos

Anders Ostergaard
2008 * Digi Beta * 1:25:00

In "Burma VJ" by Anders Ostergaard the over-passing of communication barriers caused by political censorship are pointed out. The film consists mostly in recordings of the social and political realities, made by cell phones and sent out of the country via satellite.





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