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8ème Festival international
Signes de Nuit

29 Mars - 11 Avril



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Focus : Son et composition

O que Voce? (Qu’est ce que tu recherches ?)
+ Infos

Camila Gonzatto
2008 * DV * 0:07:00

Les marches du temps. Philip Glass nous livre ses représentations sur l’origine de la musique et sur la création musicale.

Es wird einmal gewesen sein (One Day Today will be Once)
+ Infos

Mirna Lazarescu
2009 * DV * 0:28:00

In a small church in Halberstadt, in East Germany, a pipe organ plays avant-gard composer John Cage's 'Organ2/ASLSP' - and will do so day and night, without interruption, until the year 2640, resulting in a 639-year long concert. In a humorous but also thoughtful way the film shows different sides of this mind-boggling project: on the one hand the long and overly intellectual wrestles among the initiators, on the other the volunteering staff members' direct and practical way of dealing with all the work that surrounds such a project.

Beware-here there be tygers
+ Infos

Astrid Elizabeth Bang
2009 / DV / 04:50

Human life is short and full of fear. Through art we can express and record feelings, transmitting and at best transcending our individual idiosyncrasies. This work makes a journey through a fragile world threatened by various dark and destructive forces. Whether the dangers are real or imaginary is of less concern than their psychological presence and impact.

A Diamond Forms Under Pressure
+ Infos

Paul O'Donoghue
2008 /DV/ 6:12

A Diamond Forms Under Pressure is an anomaly existing somewhere between experimental film and music video, computer animation/ programming, science and art.

+ Infos

Pink Twins

A spectacle of grandiose spaces, monumental halls and majestic architecture. Defenestrator shows Larger-than life buildings disintegrate, deform and transform into a flowing stream of lava, creating new distorted spaces and recycles overpowering architectural constructions into building blocks of a new order.

Schmerz (Pain)
+ Infos

Alexander Derben

Schmerz express insideious pain. Some pain can be quit, other pain will be loud. Pain is light and heavy, sweet and bitter, surpriseingly and expected. But how ever... pain is a friend. Without pain I have no power.

+ Infos

Patrick Bergeron
2008/Digi Beta/0:05:00

LoopLoop is made from a sequence I captured in a train going to Hanoi in Vietnam.Using animation, sounds warping and time shifts this video runs forwards and backwards looking for forgotten details, mimicking the way memories are replayed in the mind.

+ Infos

Paul Fletcher
Germany, Australia
2008 / DV/0:04:40

INSECTAESTHESIA : a condition in which a persons' sensory perception is purported to be infested by the sensory perceptions of an insect.

The Vision of Compression - Part I Synfonia
+ Infos

Jun Ho Oh
South Korea

It records afterimages and memories that the coordinate transformation of normal time axis (24 frames per second) of moving images to delayed time axis. This film is the first part of series ?Vision of Compression? experimenting temporal transformation. It is composed based on the musical structure of Bach?s synfonia.

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