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8ème Festival international
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29 Mars - 11 Avril



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Focus Irlande

Mardi 6 avril, 18h, Centre culturel irlandais

Rip and the Preacher + Infos


Michael Lennox
2008 / DV / 0 :06 :00

Furious after listening to the preacher at his dads funeral, spouting the usual half truths about the deceased, Rip storms off with his mate. On route he is confronted by a zealous street preacher who pushes Rip to the brink. The preachers faith is put to the ultimate test.


The Chronoscope + Infos


Andrew Legge
2009/ Beta SP / 0:20:00

A mocumentary about a beautiful scientist in the 1930s who is kidnapped by the Third Reich after she invents a camera with the power to see into the past.


Real Person + Infos


Dernian Lovett
2009 / DV / 0:13:00

A short documentary on the topic of violence in Ireland, exploring the most frequent causes and most terrible consequences of violence on the street.


Point of Departure + Infos


Maximillian Le Cain
2008 / DV / 0:09:00

Betty is spending her last years in an institution. But the need to escape and reconnect with the outside world continues to motivate her every waking and sleeping hour.


Time Passing + Infos


Robert Manson
2008 / Beta / 0:10:00

A story about two men in a hospital bedroom. The window acts as the only portal to the outside world and becomes a great commodity to one man and the subject of jealousy for the other.


Terminal Communication + Infos


Michal Fortune
2008 * Beta * 0:03:00

Terminal Communication is a fixed-frame work featuring the actions of drivers as they approach a badly signed junction leading into Rosslare Harbour ferry port, in County Wexford. Filmed from a vantage point overlooking the junction, the camera captures the incidents which local’s then claimed was an everyday occurrence. Since the work was made the temporary blockade has been removed.


Atlantic + Infos


Conor Ferguson
2008 * Beta * 0:04:00

Poignant, atmospheric tale of a lonely farmer passing his days, unaware of the letter that’s on its way from the woman he once loved. A letter that could change his life. But only if he gets to read it.


The Door + Infos


Joanita Wilson
2008 * 35 mm * 0:17:00

After stealing an old door, a man reflects on the desperate circumstances that led him to do so. Based on a true story.







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