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The 17th International Festival Signes de Nuit
October 3 - 13, 2019

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
Maison du Portugal - André de Gouveia
Maison de l'Argentine
Maison de Norvège
Maison du Mexique
Maison du Japon

Centre Tchèque
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Short Film
Competition (S)
Competition (D)

English Titles in alphabetical order:

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1,5 Meters Space (1,5 Metirä Tilaa) Las vías
A Bright Light - Karen and the proces Les coursiers de la République
A Leaf Les espoirs (Young Hope)
A Moon for My Father Litttle Boy
A New journey (En ny Reise) Locks (Cerraduras)
A Room with a Coconut View LoL, a serious Matter
Above us the Sky Long Way Home (Kub ban)
Actualy, this is not a Film Lost Boy
Aleppo Maria of the Mangroves (María de los Esteros)
Ambience (Ambiance) Mataroa. The journey goes on...
Amelina Mirko
Anna Mom’s Movie
Arcángel Monster God (Monstruo Dios)
Armour (Rustning) Mother, Daughter, Dreams (Me, con gái và nhung giac mo)
As up to Now (Ahogy Eddig) Mothers in Arms
Autism as a gift Music Saves My Soul
Azure Memories (L’azzurro del cielo) My Cinema
Bardo Nabbin
Being more like Bagsy Nehemías
Between No Country for Women
Bowl of Heaven Nopaltepec
Ca Dentro - Inside Ô
California Omarska (Omarskaj)
Camila Omarska (Omarskaj)
Camila On the Border
Cobalt Blue Opium Farmers
Coming from Maoca Or Those Silence That Kills You and Me (Woo Woo)
Congo Lucha Our Territory (Notre territoire)
Crysalis (Crisálida) People that planted trees (Ljudi koji su sadili drvece)
Crysalis (Crisálida) Pixelling Memory
Danaé Popular Tropes
Dante vs. Mohammed Ali Quiet (Stille)
Dark Suns Quiet Land Good People (Stilles Land Gutes Land)
Destete Realms (Valtakunnat)
Dialogue Reconstruction (Rekontrukce)
Dialogue ReGenertation
Dispossession (Les Dépossédés) Retiro
Douma Underground (Douma taht al ard) Saz
Dystopian Patterns Scarcity
E.N.T. Seeds of Sadness
Easter (Le Phuc Sinh) Sex, Lies and Footages (Huyen Hoac)
Ecuador, Deep Inside Shooting Crows
Eikasia String Figure of Time
Eikasia Sugar (Cukr)
Elias Sugar (Cukr)
Entre dos Aquas The Act is the Enemy of Thought (Die Tat ist der Feind des Gedankens)
Eternity The Angel of History (Der Engel der Geschichte)
Father to Sun (Vader op Zoon) The Animal that therefore I am
Field of Infinity The Devine Way (La Via Divina)
Fortuna The European Dream : Serbia
Frames The Flying Fish
Genesis 2.0 The Future of Irak
George the dog, refugee The Horse Latitudes
Ghost Plaisure (Plaisir fantôme) The Last Image of Father (Poslednja slika o ocu)
Going Home The Last Well
Goodbye my Son The Ocarina
Gutai The Sea Recalls
Here on Earth (Acá en la tierra) The Sea Recalls
Hope Houses (Altindag) The Shepherd (Gjeteren)
How to Breathe in Kern County The Sleepers (Los Durmientes)
Human Response The Sleepers (Los Durmientes)
Hyped The Sound of Falling
Ico The Sound Of Unexpected Death (Lyden Af Uventet Død)
Imprisoned (Vezeni) The Spirit Keepers of Makuta'ay
In Brief (In Breve) The Umbrella
In vitro There they come! (¡Allá Vienen!)
Incompiuta Thinking like a Mountain
Indimenticabile Together (Spolu)
Invisíble Herói Touched Her Legs remix
Journey of Endless Time Ulaanbaatarization (Ulaanbaatarjilt)
Journey throught a Body Umbra
Joyful Development (Happy Âphivoat) Unsound
Kanari Volverse aire
Kontrapunkt Waiting for a Miracle (Oodates imet)
L'Abismo Waves (Vlneni)
La vida en común When Pride Came to Town (Bygdehomo)
Las vías Winter Solstice



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