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8ème Festival international
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29 Mars - 11 Avril



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Invités: Ciné TRANS EUROPE



CINE TRANS EUROPE est le nom de la collaboration - unique en son genre - qui réunit cinq festivals opposant résistance au cinéma qui rebat les mêmes matrices d'émotions et de concepts, incapable ou réticent d'en finir avec les interprétations dominantes et réductrices. Cette collaboration inaugurée en Avril 2009 se poursuit à Paris et dans tous lieux partenaires : les festivals de Barcelone, d'Amsterdam, de Cork et d'Osnabrück.




 Selection du festival "Film Experience", Amsterdam

Mardi 30 Mars - 15h - Mairie du X Arr.



F@@k That

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Oliver Conrad and Gian Klainguti US 2008 * 0:03:22 

'F@©k That', directed by Oliver Conrad of Kompost Productions, is a music video made with great patience and rigor, threading together thousands of still image photographs to create a fluid, uniquely original animated work. It's story features Krussia and C-Rayz Walz - Russia's and New York's most rugged and hardened underground Hip Hop artists.




Sinus Aestum
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Bret Battey Uk2009 * 0:08:30


Sinus Aestum (Bay of Billows) is a smooth, dark lunar plain articulated by threads of white dust, like evanescent tips of flowing and silent waves. Drawing from this image, the sound and image composition Sinus Aestum presents one sound-synthesis process and nearly 12,000 individual points, which are continually transformed and warped, restrained and released, without cuts, to form compound, multi-dimensional waves of activity moving through unstable states between plateaus of pitch and noise. Mathematical processes are transformed into a contemplation of the continual ebb and flow of human experience. I produced the sound for Sinus Aestum using a SuperCollider implementation of routines involving a modulated feedback system. I created control processes in MAX/MSP to run the parameters of the feedback synthesis. I created the visual material with a custom plug-in for Apple’s Motion 2 video effects software.  



The Day We Surrender to the Air
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Antonio Jose Guzman NL/Panama2009 * 0:15:00  

This official IDFA selection is part of a larger multi-media art project exploring the connection between migration, Diaspora and gravity. Starting with Guzman’s own DNA we follow his journey in this sweeping abstract narrative. Coincidentally this screening marks the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Panama. In The Day We Surrender to the Air, I use myself as an example of the migration between the so-called Old and New Worlds. My identity is the product of my ancestors' traveling experiences through Polynesia, Eurasia, Mesopotamia, Africa and eventually to America and Europe. This implicates that my genetic identity is based on the various Diasporas of my ancestors, and thus on the decisions they made in migrating to some place or to another.




Echoing Space
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Dennis H. MillerUS2009 * 0:09:10 Echoing Spaces explores a number of virtual environments in which the primary elements recur (echo) both in immediate succession and at different times throughout the piece, always in varied form. The visual imagery employs a number of similarly shaped elements that appear in overlapping, morphing configurations, and the restricted color palette helps maintain a focus on the primary objects. The music of Echoing Spaces was created using a variety of modern techniques including convolution and physical modeling. The quasi-tonal context adds an additional layer of continuity to the work.




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Karel Doing NL2009 * 0:32:00 

Through a series of tableaux vivants we travel north, following a boy roaming through a deserted world. He wrestles and runs down dark tunnels and climbs endless stairs. He ends up in a snowy landscape, finds a boat and sets sail for fairytale, unspoilt islands. The tension of the void and the overwhelming landscapes create an ominous, hallucinogenic mood.




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