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8th Festival 2010


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th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

March 29th - April 11th 2010



Cinéma l'Archipel
Goethe Institut
Fondation Suisse
Centre culturel irlandais
Maison de l'Amérique Latine
Maison du Brésil
Maison Heinrich Heine
Maison de l'Europe
Mairie du X. Arrondissement

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REC Festival
Tarragona / Spain

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EX-IS Festival

Special Guest:
Con-can Festival

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Presentation - Festival 2010


The 8th International Festival Signes de Nuit is presenting over thirteen days universal oriented selections of recent films and audiovisual works mainly independent filmmakers and artists. The aim of the festival selection has not changed: showing strange films touching human living condition and situations in the actual societies, with a preference of particular cultural spaces. There are two types of globalisation: the "one culture" option intrudes by the economical fittest and the other one of joyful affirmation of incomparableness, multiculturalism, differences and cultural complexities, marked by permanent approaches and dissociations. Signes de Nuit is working with these struggles for "another way to be... ".

We welcome our partners and special guests, who have (again) accepted our modest invitation. All together we have the change to show a worldwide oriented program of very particular aesthetics and creations. Beside of the ten programs of the international competition, the festival offers this year eleven focus programs from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Our four European festival partners from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cork and Osnabrück are back in Paris.

Wishing to integrate even more the young public, the festival wants to create two student juries for the documentary and the short film section. Between the eight different screening places three are directly placed in the Cité universitaire, which kindly has opened up spaces for the Signes de Nuit festival. To be confronted with another way of seeing and feeling appears to us as an indispensable base for developing another "sensibility", for die philosopher Herbert Marcuse the main and only chance for constructing another society.


The Programs


International Competition

From the 5th to 10th April 2010 (see details...)

Ten selections of short films will be submitted to the international jury of the festival. Contemporary movies, from all the countries, chosen for their esthetical audacity, their intuition and their complex attitude towards the modern world


11 Focus Programs
Regions Woldwide

From the 29th March to the 10th April 2010 (see details..;)

The Focus programs of Signes de Nuit are the attempt to show social phenomena and cultural conflicts, which constitute the emotional and intellectual relief of a region or a country. For this reason, we have preferred the films, which refuse, both in their form and way of expression, conventional ways of representing reality.


The French Touch

3rd April 2010 / 16 h / Maison du Brésil
Cité universitaire / Bd . Jourdan

In « French Touch » Program, Signes de nuit privileges the rigour and the multiplicity of the young French cinema outside the mainstream.




Focus Program


3rd April 2010 / 17 h / Fondation Suisse
Cité universitaire / Bd. Jourdan

Cine Trans Europe

From the 5th to the 6th April (see details...)

CINE TRANS EUROPE is the name of a permanent partnership between five festival, which resist to a cinema which keeps repeating the same kind of emotions and concepts, incapable to stop with dominating and reductive interpretations.  This collaboration, started in 2009, continues this year in Paris and in all the other partner festivals: Barcelona, Amsterdam, de Cork and Osnabrück.

Special Guest:

Rec Festival
/ Spain


4 April 2010 / 16 h / Maison du Brésil
Cité universitaire / Bd. Jourdan

Special Guest:

The Seoul Experimental Film Festival

30th March 2010 / 18 h / Goethe Institut
17. av. Iéna, XVI Arr. Paris

Special Guest:

The Con-Can Movie Festival

31th March 2010 / 18 h / Maison du Brésil
Cité unversitaire / Bd. Jourdan / XIV. Arr


New Section:

Documentary Art

From 29 March to 10 April (see details...)

The integration of a new section showing the art of documentation seems an evident step for a festival, which always was interested in  particularities and "sensible" subjects. Today fictional works have difficulties to imagine, what is already just going on in the real space. The  documentary view is more then just a representation of the real. It is the art to evoke the real in a comprimated attitude, an intensification of our perception and hopefully a stimulation for our actions.


The Jury's Program

6 April 2010 / 17 h / Maison de l'Europe
IV. Arr ., Paris

This program consist of films choosen by the members of the International Jury 2010.



The Awards / Palmarès

10 April 2010 / 20 h / Maison Heinrich Heine
Cité Unversitaire / Bd. Jourdan, XIV. Arr. Paris

Declaration, celebration and presentation of the awarded films



Two White Night of Strange Films

Saturday 3rd April 2010 / Maison du Brésil / Cité Universitaire
Saturday 10th April 2010 / Maison Heinrich Heine / Cité Universitaire

After one year of search concerning strange recent films the festival presents it's nocturnal contributions...


International Festival SIGNES DE NUIT- 18, rue Budé 75004 Paris - France - Tel : +33 (0) 1 40 46 92 25 - +33 (0) 6 84 40 84 38 - cood.int@signesdenuit.com