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8th Festival 2010


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th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

March 29th - April 11th 2010



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Documentary Art

Program n° 16
Documentary Art / Focus Africa 3
Sunday April 4th, 12h - Maison du Brésil

Où est l'Eldorado? (Where is Eldorado?)
+ Infos

Jean-Frédéric De Hasque
2009 * DV * 1 :13 :00


They are 25 years old, students at Bamako University. They are the new generation. The ideas and influence of Yambo Ouologuem, who is radically opposed to white people, have inspired them tp-o establish a club in his name.

Program n° 17
Sunday April 4th, 14h - Maison du Brésil

All Shades of Grey
+ Infos

Minou Norouzi
2008 * DV * 0:06:00


An intimate portrait, highlighting the emotional fallout of political conflict commissioned as part of London Borough of Islington's 'Kick Islamophobia' campaign.

Anatomy of Failure

+ Infos

Minou Norouzi

2008 * DV * 0:53:00


Filmmaker Minou Norouzi goes in search of five disappeared women who formed Carlos Castaneda's 'harem'. Trying to find out what hooked these women on the cultish guru figure she unveils some uncomfortable 'truths' she was unaware of, about herself. Taking the form of fragmented portraiture, the film looks into the culture of belief, touching on failures of love, power relationships and myth-making.

Kleine Wölfe (Lonely ack)
+ Infos

Justin Peach
2009 * * Digi Beta * 0:47:00


Together with other children, the eleven year old Sonu lives on the streets of Katmandu. Their daily routine is a fight to survive in the chaotic capital of Nepal: always on the prowl for food, drugs, charitable tourists and what they seek most – as small boys do anywhere– is fun and adventure. The life of Sonu and his pack is shaped by hunger and violence but is also filled with childlike moments of freedom on the streets!

Program n° 18
Sunday April 4th, 20h - Maison du Brésil

Sweet Crude
+ Infos

Sandra J. Ciaffi
2009 * Beta SP * 1:33:00


In a small corner of the most populous country in Africa, billions of dollars of crude oil flow under the feet of a desperate people. Immense wealth and abject poverty stand in stark contrast. The environment is decimated. The issues are complex, the answers elusive. The documentary film Sweet Crude tells the story of Nigeria’s Niger Delta. The region is seething and the global stakes are high. But in this moment, there’s an opportunity to find solutions. What if the world paid attention before it was too late?

Program n° 19
Tuesday April 6th, 20h - Centre Culturel Irlandais

The Art of Time
+ Infos

Fergus Daly, Katherine Waugh
2009 * Digi Beta * 1:45:00


In contemporary culture we are often told that 'time' as we have experienced it historically is being obliterated by the speed and acceleration of our technology-driven society. Many artists, writers and creative practitioners in various fields feel that the work they make contests this process. In The Art of Time we ask: how are leading artists and thinkers responding to today's new and rapidly changing world? We capture some of today's most exciting developments in the art of time, exploring how leading international practitioners in these fields are reinvestigating traditional temporal ideas, questioning the nature of memory and perception today, and inventing new and radical notions of Time.

Program n°20
Documentary Art / Focus Germany
Friday April 9th, 22h - Maison Heinrich Heine

Dancin’ in the Street + Infos


Anett Harksen
2009 * DV * 0:28:30

Sporting ambitions and acrobatic challenges on the one hand as well as interpersonal foothold on the other hand are the dancers' motivation in the documentary „Dancin' The Streets“ by Anett Harksen. Without closing the eyes before social sadness of the city, Anett shoots a pulsating urban portrait of an stigmatized and misinterpreted subculture.


Chaos Communikation Camp

+ Infos

Kirian Scheuplein
2007 * DV * 0:53:00


To understand how manipulation, control, observation and knowledge distribution on a global level really works, how communication systems are settled and information control takes place, and finally how you can have still a possibility of auto defence and transformation, you have to be an expert in informatics or a hacker. Now imagine that the best of them come together one time to share their knowledge and "open the spaces" in a workshop and speeches during some days and to have a party together. This kind of new Woodstock 2007 happens near to Berlin. Kirian Scheuplein's documentary let us come inside this group of scientific and technological luminaries and those, who are able to act "in another way".

Cosmic Station
+ Infos


Bettina Timm
2008 * DV * 0:30:00

In 1943 a cosmic ray research station was set up on the top of Mount Aragaz in Armenia. During the 1980s the team of scientists here embarked upon an ambitious research project which, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, was never completed. Today the vast and considerably run-down complex located at an altitude of 3,500 metres is home to only six people, including two women who clean and cook for the group. This intimate and sensitive film uses long shots and masterful compositions to capture the total isolation of this surviving relic of the Soviet space programme.

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