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8th Festival 2010


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th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

March 29th - April 11th 2010



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International Competition - Festival 2010

April 5th -  10th


Ten selections of short films will be submitted to the international jury of the festival. Contemporary movies, from all the countries, chosen for their esthetical audacity, their intuition and their complex attitude towards the modern world



Program n°3 - Tuesday 6th April  2010 - 19h - Maison de l'Europe




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Visca Vichit-Vadakan


2010 * HD * 0:08:00

Listen with your eyes shut and you hear a story about parents and their child. Look with your ears shut and you see a street artist. Yet there is a link. A film on two tracks. The visual track shows a young performance artist. On a street in the middle of Bangkok, he paints with his body as a brush and his white clothes as a canvas. The soundtrack is about the relationship between parents and their child. Told intimately.



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George Chiper


2009 / 35 mm / 0:17:00

A terrible accident takes away her family in a blink of an eye. Years later, exposed to the video cameras, she tries to remember the events that would change her life to a senseless routine. The story of a day, like any other, from the life of a lonesome woman, spent within questions with no answers.




Journal del Fin (Diary of the End)
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Juan Alejandro Ramirez

Germany, Peru

2009 / Beta / 0:24:00

A woman facing a bleak future recounts her life in sketchy, seemingly random, episodes. One by one the scars and despair left by a life ridden with responsibilities and sacrifice, but little joy, inevitably emerge. Diario del fin is a visceral and moving account filled with brutally honest, yet liberating, confessions.



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Vincent Gisbert-Soler


2009 / Beta SP / 0:03:40

Contra is a reflection on the fragility of contemporary man in his present environment, charting the loss of conscience that results in the moment of bonding our spirit to things material, the perceived reality of the senses. Use, transform, create, manipulate, destroy... actions that can form behaviours governed only by individual and immediate interests. Then we impose without respect, distracting ourselves from the negative consequences on our environment and ourselves.

La Terraza del hospital (Hospital Terrace)
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Daniel Varela Sanchez


2009 / Video / 0:11:00

Lucas is a young man who decides to free himsemf from reality and so dies in a hospital. He remembers his final moments ending up at hte hospital terrace.


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Daniel Wawrzyniak


2009 | HD | 0:05:00

Aorta – big arterial root, the branches of which supply blood to all tissues.


Simple Presence Futur Perfect
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Davide Pepe


2008 / Video / 0:05:00

A shrill voyage into a space of magnificent nervosity and threat. Beauty is broken, the existential alphabet declined into emptiness.


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Siunghoon Hong

South Korea

2008 / 35 mm / 0:17:00

A man receives an unexpecting visit from a girl who is pregnant with his son's baby and asks for his help. The sudden visit complicate his life.




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