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8th Festival 2010


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th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

March 29th - April 11th 2010



Cinéma l'Archipel
Goethe Institut
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Focus Germany

Program 1: Documentaries
Friday April 9th, 22h, Maison Heinrich Heine


Dancin’ in the Street
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Anett Harksen
2009 * DV * 0:28:30

Sporting ambitions and acrobatic challenges on the one hand as well as interpersonal foothold on the other hand are the dancers' motivation in the documentary „Dancin' The Streets“ by Anett Harksen. Without closing the eyes before city' social sadness, Anett shoots a pulsating urban portrait of an stigmatized and misinterpreted subculture.





Chaos Communication Camp
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Kirian Scheuplein
HD | 0:53:00

To understand how manipulation, control, observation and knowledge distribution on a global level really works, how communication systems are settled and information control takes pl...ace, and finally how you can have still a possibility of auto defence and transformation...you have to be expert on informatics or hacker. Now imagine that the best of them come together one time, to share their knowledge and "open the spaces" in workshop and speeches during some days and to have a party together. This kind of new Woodstock 2007 happens near to Berlin. Kirian Scheuplein's documentary let us come inside this group of scientific and technological luminaries and those, who are able to act "in another way".


Cosmic Station
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Bettina Timm
2008 * DV * 0:30:00

In 1943 a cosmic ray research station was set up on the top of Mount Aragaz in Armenia. During the 1980s the team of scientists here embarked upon an ambitious research project which, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, was never completed. Today the vast and considerably run-down complex located at an altitude of 3,500 metres is home to only six people, including two women who clean and cook for the group. This intimate and sensitive film uses long shots and masterful compositions to capture the total isolation of this surviving relic of the Soviet space programme.


Program 2: Shorts
Saturday April 10th, 18h, Maison Heinrich Heine


Die Charles Bonnet-Variante
+ Infos


Werner Biedermann
2009 * DV * 0 :05 :00

The film “The Charles-Bonnet-Variant” aims at the emotions of the spectator as – astonishingly enough – the Charles-Bonnet-Syndrom (CBS) is to be found in the heart of the film enthusiast as well. As Bonnet* shows, there is more than the mirror image on the retina, there are wide varieties of visual impressions in the eye, that are hard to understand, because they are nourished by illogical hallucinatory memories of life and they know and reflect the se(e)cret longings – often repressed.


15 Minuten Wahrheit (15 minutes of truth)
+ Infos


Nico Zingelmann
2007 / 0:18:00

Brutally dismissed, a 50 years old man develops a plan to get the indemnity thqt his company refuses to pay.


Experimente des Leibes
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Hagen Wiel
2010 * DV * 0:20:40
The movie's subject is the relationship between the thrownness of the individual and its attempt to form itself into existence. It's a movie about the centrifugal force of the body, the thinking body, a resonance room of the inner world. This acting flesh is director, viewer and actor performing for itself...




Way Fare
+ Infos


Sylvia Schedelbauer


2009 * DV * 0:06:20

A layered tone poem of found images and woven soundscapes renders a shifting psychogram; a nomadic passage across spaces in and out of time.



A Taste of Honey
+ Infos


Simon Rittmeister
08 * Beta * 0:10:00Cuba in the year 49 after the revolution: couples are dancing silently. The sea whispers the word "freedom" that still remains in everybody's head. Gestures, rituals, loneliness.



Room for Two
+ Infos


Urs Domingo Gnad
2008| 0:17:00

He is the last inhabitant of a small ghost town and he doesn't have the heart to leave his home. A mysterious stranger appears and involves him in a wicked game that puts his mind to the test.


+ Infos


Fabian Busch
2009 * 35 mm * 0:13:00
Freem from his professional duties; a sexagenarian doesn’t know how to occupy his free time. It’s not easy to feel useful again after retirement..



+ Infos


Tim Bollinger
2008 / Digi Beta / 0:05:00
A journey through worlds of the subconscious, allowing us to catch sinister glimpses of the human psyche’s ambivalence.



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