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8th Festival 2010


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th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

March 29th - April 11th 2010



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The French Touch

Saturday April 3rd, 16h, Maison du Brésil

Genou blessé et l’homme debout (The wounded Knee and the standing Man)
+ Infos

Yann Chayia
2009 * 35 mm * 0:16:00

One morning, Jonas, fourteen, founds his mother dead. Left to himself, he travels the few miles that separate him from his father, who he has not seen for several years, but can not find the strength to tell him the news..




Le Coq et l’Hirondelle (The Cock and the Swallow)
+ Infos

Pilar Archila, Jean-Marc Lamoure
2008 * Vidéo * 0:07:00

From scraps of newspapers, songs, desires and questions, this film offers a poetic variation on two symbolic birds, the cock and the swallow. A film who talks about staying or leaving, absurdity and reality


Centipede Sun
+ Infos

Mihai Grecu
2010 * Video * 0:10:00

Centipede Sun focuses on the landscape of the Altiplano region in Chile. The landscape of the Altiplano region in Chile, synonymous with isolation, has enormous ‘empty’ panoramas in which the life forms we know seem to be absent. Against this background, Grecu brings to life his rich universe.


L’art délicat de la matraque (The delicate Art of the Bludgeon)
+ Infos

Jean-Gabriél Périot
2009 * Video * 0:04:00

Jean-Gabriél Periot investigates policemen's abuse of power through cleverly chéreographed archive footage of club-wielding cops.



+ Infos

Marisa Hayes, Boulegue Franck
2009 * DV * 0:04:00

Inspired by NASA's error in erasing the first footage of Armstrong's walk on the moon, and Hollywood's subsequent reconstruction of it, "gaffe" explores ideas related to the philosophy of error and how modern technology visually informs and reconstructs, allowing viewers to perceive historical and current events in different lights.


La terre dessous mes pieds (The Earth Under my feets)
+ Infos

Sophie Sherman
2009 * Digi Beta * 0:20:00

A young girl wanders in the woods, digs holes in the earth and quotes the Bible.


Magia (Magic)
+ Infos

Gerard Cairaschi
2010 * DV * 0:07:00

The renewal of the magical encounter between man and nature.



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