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8th Festival 2010


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th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

March 29th - April 11th 2010



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The White Night of Strange Films

Program n°4: Saturday Avril 11th, 00h

To Say Good Bye
+ Infos

Chui Mui Tan
2008 / HD / 0 :13 :00

When you've spent your entire life next to someone, all the time in the world isn't enough to say good-bye.


+ Infos

Helvétio Marins
2005 / HD / 0:17:00

An enigmatic boot trip to another life. A old man is crossing different landscape which seems to be allegories for his past and future life.


Asbest (Asbestos)
+ Infos

Tommi Seitajoki
2009 / DigiBeta / 0:07:20

An interior dialogue about consumption broadcasted through a broken TV.


Am Ende des Gartens sind zwei Kinder (At the end of the garden there are two children)
+ Infos

Davide Pepe
2003 / DV, Super 8 / 0:16:00

Two lovers met themselves in the same dream in order to accept the death of their love story. In the same night a girl is killed. All of them will be plunged in a surreal-natural space where there are two children that keep and rule the place.


Everyday Everyday
+ Infos

Chui Mui Tan
2009 / HD / 0:17:45

Sook Chen quit her job. She decided to go to Peru. Ma could not understand why. In fact, he could never understand what Sook Chen want.


Int. - Appartment - Night
+ Infos

Saša Ban
2009 / DV / 0 :21 :00

Scene nine of a nonexistent feature film entitled "Love, Habit, Panic". Marija and Bojan come back home. They were at his best friend's wedding. Again, she had a little bit too much to drink and again he was flirting with other women, this time the bridesmaid. They have a long night ahead of them...


+ Infos

Carlos Eduardo Nogueira
2009 / DV / 0:19:00

Above the clouds, next to the skies, far from earth. A cynical allegory of the castes society and incommunicado.

sous reserve



Program n°5: Sunday Avril 11th, 02h

Yun Shiang (Best Wishes)
+ Infos

Ko Kaleng
2008 / DV / 0:10:30

At the day of her wedding, two women make their best wishes to each other.


Avant la guerre (Before War)
+ Infos

Jared Katsiane
2010 / HD / 0:05:40

The directors confronts amateur films about family life with privat screenings from the war. It's not so different. War as exotic holidays.


+ Infos

Christoph Rainer
2009 * 35 mm * 0:12:00

Facing a violent father two boys have to find their way to survive.


Noventa y Dos (Ninety-two)

+ Infos

Martin Guido
2009 / HD / 0:10:00

Ninety-Two doesn’t tell a story. It’s about the turning point of a story. It’s the timelessness of an endpoint, the urgent need to end-up with something. Something that doesn’t matter because the past never says more than what the present suggests itself.


Spektaakkeli (The Spectacle)
+ Infos

Jan Ijäs
2006 / DV / 0:03:00

In 1963 in Teheran a young student saw Stanley Kubrick's film Spartacus.


Un vaso de soda (A Glass of Soda Water)
+ Infos


Adriana Yurcovich
2008 / DV / 0 :10 :15

An aging woman lives alone in an old apartment. A teenager grabs a woman´s handbag in a nearby street. To escape from the police, he hides in the woman´s house. During the hours he has to spend there, the relationship between the two changes.


+ Infos

Almudena Verdés Durá
2009 * 35 mm * 0 :12 :10


Diij (The Pot)
+ Infos

Mousa Alijani
2009 / DV / 0:15:00

A refection about attachment, desire and failing.


+ Infos

Leighton Pierce
2009 * HD * 0 :04 :20

Sitting is a reflection on the process of representation and also on the relationships between the various players in a situation of representation. The layers of observed and observers constantly shifts. The question of who owns the image is up for grabs. Composed entirely from digital still images.


+ Infos

Ciprian Alexandrescu
2007 * 35 mm * 0:17:30

A story which might take place in anybody‘s life. The death of a person starts a chain reaction which involves the neighbors. A satire of the world we live in based on a true story.


Program n°6: Sunday Avril 11th, 04h

Purgatorio (Purgatory) + Infos

Lav Diaz
2008 * DV * 0:17:00

A traumatic walk throught the presence and recent history of the Philippines and a convincing capturing of the actual live feeling in a society in undeterminable transgression.



Hideg berek (Cold Grove) + Infos

Mihaly Schwechtje
2008 / HD / 0:16:00

Two youngsters residing near an industrial wasteland live off leftovers...


Anak-Anak Lumpur (Children of Mud)
+ Infos

Danial Rifki
2010 / DV / 0:23:00

“Anak-Anak Lumpur” is a documentary focusing on the lives of children who have been affected by the Lapindo mudflow disaster in Sidoarjo, East Java, which began in 2006.


Zeitriss (Time Cut)
+ Infos

Quimu Casalprim i Suárez
2009 * DV * 0:11:00

Traumatic return of a rejected experience.


La Musica in sange (The Musique in the Blood)
+ Infos

Alexandru Mavrodineanu
Roumanie, France
2009 / 16 mm / 0:16:00

Petre is concined that his son is very gifted, but gipsy music buiseness is very tough.


+ Infos

Sivaroj Kongsakul
2007 * Beta SP * 0:17:45

A young man with all his technical equipment is looking for silence. It's not easy to find...



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