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8ème Festival international
Signes de Nuit

29 Mars - 11 Avril



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Focus Switzerland

Program n° 1
Documentary Art/ Focus Switzerland
Thursday April 1st, 19h - Fondation Suisse

A côté
+ Infos

Basil Da Cunha
2009 *
DV * 00:25:00


Serguei is a 50-year-old railway worker, seemingly cheerful and sociable. But within the intimacy of his gloomy apartment, he lives a terrible loneliness that he tries to make up for by watching funny shows on television. When it breaks down, he tries to repair it and overhears a couple's argument in the apartment next door. Driven by a growing fascination for the woman's voice, he starts to share, by proxy, her everyday life, till the day he'll walk through her door…

Dirty Pardise
+ Infos

Daniel Schweitzer
Switzerland, France
2009 * DCP * 1:16:00


DIRTY PARADISE is a true story. The story of the Wayana people, French Indians of Amazonia who are cursed by living in a region rich in gold. Consequently, the uncontrolled exploitation of this wealth has brought about a severe deterioration of the forest’s ecosystem, the irreversible pollution of streams, as well as countless violations of fundamental human rights.

Program n° 2
Thursday April 1st, 21h - Fondation Suisse

The Sound of Insects

+ Infos

Peter Liechti
2009 * 35 mm * 1:20:00


A hunter in a remote and idyllic forest stumbles on a make shift tent fashioned from sheets of plastic and containing the mummified remains of a corpse. A detailed journal found on site reveals the man committed suicide by self-imposed starvation. Who was this man? Why did he kill himself in such a manner? Inspired by this true event and by the novella 'Until I Am a Mummy' by Shimada Masahiko, Insects sensuously evokes the mysterious man's last days


Program n° 3
Documentary Art / Focus Switzerland
Friday April 2nd, 21h - Fondation Suisse

La Forteresse (The Fortress)
+ Infos

Fernand Melgar
2008 * 35 mm * 1:40:00


THE FORTRESS is an immersion documentary which, without any comment or interview, will observe the operation of a Swiss centre where asylum seekers are received and selected. It will not focus on asylum seekers but on the workers. Over a period of 60 days, three viewpoints will be exposed: the FOM’s, which is in charge of selecting the asylum seekers, the staff’s, who in charge of maintenance and, finally, the chaplaincy’s.

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