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8th Festival 2010


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th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

March 29th - April 11th 2010



Cinéma l'Archipel
Goethe Institut
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Institut culturel irlandais
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Program n° 6
Tuesday March 30th, 22h - Goethe Institut

Csillogás (Sparkle)
+ Infos

Benedek Fliegauf


2008 / DV / 0:59:00 


Coming back from Death? Benedek Fliegaug’s documentary let us participate in the experience of death by long interviews with those, who had had the change to be rescued from their own death state, a step forward and backward, which had for ever changed their life.

Program n° 7
Shorts Documentaries
Wednesday March 31th, 20h - Maison du Brésil

Bye Bye c’est Fini
+ Infos

Tora Mårtens
2009 * Digi Beta * 0:14:00


Who says the fun stops just because you get older? Not 73-year-old Lina Merceis, who leisurely strolls the beaches of Rio De Janeiro by day and entertains scores of young lovers by night. Unrestricted by the tradition of monogamous relationships or marriage, Lina’s carefree lifestyle disproves preconceptions on aging.

Boinya (Butchery)

+ Infos


Alexander Zhovna
2009 * DV * 0:12:00



+ Infos

Duncan Campbell
2008 * Video * 0 :37 :00


A masterful 'experimental' documentary and disarmingly alluring representation of Bernadette Devlin, one of the key figures in Northern Ireland’s republican and civil rights movements during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Flores em Vida (Flowers in Life)
+ Infos

Eduardo Consonni / Rodrigo T. Marques
* DV * 0:12 :00


A documentary about Lazara Crystal and daily routine of her flower shop in downtown São Paulo.

A Casa dos mortos
+ Infos

Debora Diniz
2009 * DV * 0:24:00


Bubú is a poet who has suffered twelve internments in secure mental hospitals. In the documentary, we can see three stories which become three acts of death. Jaime, Antonio and Almerindo are anonymous men but are considered to be dangerous to society. Their punishment will be the tragedy of suicide, the interminable cycle of internments or survival in perpetual prison in the “houses of the dead”

Program n° 8
Thursday April 1st, 19h - Fondation Suisse

Dirty Pardise
+ Infos

Daniel Schweitzer
Switzerland, France
2009 * DCP * 1:16:00


DIRTY PARADISE is a true story. The story of the Wayana people, French Indians of Amazonia who are cursed by living in a region rich of gold sources. Consequently, the uncontrolled exploitation of this wealth has brought about a severe deterioration of the forest’s ecosystem, the irreversible pollution of streams, as well as countless violations of fundamental human rights.

Program n° 9
Thursday April 1st, 21h - Fondation Suisse

Origin of the Species
+ Infos

Ben Rivers
2008 * Beta SP * 0:16:00


Exquisitely beautiful, poetic and serene, yet exact and rigorous in composition and timing, Ben Rivers’ Origin of the Species is a tentative, fleeting portrait of a man about whom we are told little but learn much: a man of inventions, of science, of solitude; and to whom Darwin’s The Origin of the Species is evidently dear.

The Sound of Insects

+ Infos

Peter Liechti
2009 * 35 mm * 1:20:00


A hunter in a remote and idyllic forest stumbles on a make shift tent fashioned from sheets of plastic and containing the mummified remains of a corpse. A detailed journal found on site reveals the man committed suicide by self-imposed starvation. Who was this man? Why did he kill himself in such a manner? Inspired by this true event and by the novella 'Until I Am a Mummy' by Shimada Masahiko, Insects sensuously evokes the mysterious man's last days

Program n°10
Friday April 2nd, 17h - Fondation Suisse

Once upon a Train (Il était une fois le train) + Infos


Wassim Sookia
2009 | DV | 0:21:00

" Choof-Choof " " Jiag-Jiag " " Kacharak-Kacharak ", memories of the trains that once existed in Mauritius are still fresh in the minds of the few witnesses. Numerous anecdotes pave the path of the trains, which moved around the island only from 1864 to 1964, giving us a glimpse of the fanciful railway era of Mauritius. So, are you ready for a train movie?

Incha Allah

+ Infos

Ben Vandoome
2007 * Beta SP * 1:22:00


This is the story of a man who is shaken by a particular event in his life,and suddenly feels rather distraught and lost. In his desire to break free from his troubles, he decides to test himself by means of an extreme adventure: a solo crossing of the desert.


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