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8th Festival 2010


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th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

March 29th - April 11th 2010



Cinéma l'Archipel
Goethe Institut
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Institut culturel irlandais
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Special Guest :
EX-IS Festival, Seoul

Tuesday 30th March - 18h - Goethe Institut



EXiS, Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, has achieved outstanding a position of one of leading film/ video festivals in Asian countries. It is the one dedicated to only avant-garde cinema, which is open to all possibilities given by cinematic experiences. His main focus is to solidify experimental filmmaking communities in Korea and encourage academic approach to the surrounding culture. In the last year, EXiS held Asia Forum, the first gathering of Asian experimental film and video making artists, curators and the other memebers the community. It cooperates with
scholars from university insitutions, fields of fine arts, experimental musicians. EXiS as an experimental film and video festival in Seoul is always concerning to bring positive influence to the communities andfurthermore the expansion of ideas and its practices.


The Verbs from you
+ Infos

Sun-hee Kim
| mini-DV| 0:03:09

A woman in public shower booth. She does the verbs from ex-boyfriend in acting and speaking by Improvisation.


+ Infos


Miri Jung
2009 |
mini-DV| | 0:03:07

The frustration of language and cultural barriers here in America by a spider which is locked in a cup.


Welcome little strangers
+ Infos

Eun-Hee Shin
2008 | 16 mm| | 0:04:33

Dolls play around herfe and there. Gaze facing the empty space. Divided time. New space coming up.


The Hymn of a Republic
+ Infos


Jeong Yoon Ahn
2008 | mini-DV| | 0:04:58

"The Hymn of a Republic" shows an eyelash drifting on an eye, represents how offensive and fearful an object, which is even a tiny part of your body, can be.


Hold your breath for 4 Minutes
+ Infos


Sang-Don Kim
2008 | DV| | 0:05:07

Sangpae-dong public Cemetery has served as a burial site for more than 1,000 unidentified deceased since the colonial era. This "unidentified" deceased are belonging to many different kinds of minority groups that have drifted in and vanishes out by the political shifts in the hisotry of Dongducheon. Just because people are deceased, the are silent? Aren´t they much active in articulating their being than most of dormant in death-in-life?


Count to Six and Die
+ Infos


Jeong-Ok Heo
2008 | mini-DV| | 0:03:20

This is to show a child who watches the acts of corruption, addiction and betrayal done by adults.


Dacalog: the dance of time
+ Infos

Ji-Hong Park
2000 | DVCAM| | 0:12:02

A document of the heroine sitting in a café and waiting for her boyfriend who as already been late for an hour. The voriuos kinds of fantasy (or reality) in past-present-future are mixed up and develop into substantial speculations about time, relationship and masculinity. Society and andividuality, digital and analog, intelligence and emotion.. She finally reaches her own conclusion.


+ Infos

Wha-Seop Gogumi
2009 | mini-DV| | 0:24: 28

"I will not let the movie cut me anymore".


Written on the Body
+ Infos

M. J. One
2009 | mini-DV| | 0:27:29

"written on the body" adapted Jeanette Winterson´s novel for the screen only by re-editing the clips of movies starring Nicole Kidman. This film is a piggyback art created by re-editing Hollywood feature films, and an experimental video about the boundaries between Fan Video and Video Art.


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