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8th Festival 2010


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th International Festival
Signes de Nuit

March 29th - April 11th 2010



Cinéma l'Archipel
Goethe Institut
Fondation Suisse
Institut culturel irlandais
Maison de l'Amérique Latine
Maison du Brésil
Maison Heinrich Heine
Maison de l'Europe
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International Competition - Festival 2010

April 5th -  10th


Ten selections of short films will be submitted to the international jury of the festival. Contemporary movies, from all the countries, chosen for their esthetical audacity, their intuition and their complex attitude towards the modern world



Program n°1 - Monday April 5th, 12h - Cinéma Archipel

Gestreept (Striped)
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Toon Mertens, Jonas Baeckeland
2008 | Beta digi | 0:22:00

In a city with a cultural mix of nationalities, age and gender, eight complete strangers all have one thing in common: they feel trapped in their own city and in their own lives. A sprinkle of hope enters when an escaped zebra runs free in the city. .. A story about liberty, compassion and hope in modern times of troublesome existential thought.



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Guillermo Asensio Alegre


2009 | 35 mm | 0:10:00

Anna’s biological clock is ticking. The countdown has begun.



Long for the City
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Jem Cohen
2008 | Beta SP | 0:09:10


Long for the City is a short portrait of Patti Smith in the city where she lives. Patti recites the very first poem-song she ever wrote, and then a later one, "Prayer", from the early 1970s. We take a walk in her changing neighborhood, and I ask her what she saw. Footage was shot in the moment, as well as drawn from the archive I`ve gathered over many years. Long for the City can be considered a non-musical companion piece to the music short, Spirit, which we collablorated on in 2007. It had its premier as an installation in Patti Smith`s show, Land 250, and Fondation Cartier in Paris.


El Hombre Muerto (The Dead Man)
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Julián Goyoaga, German Tejeira
2009 | DV | 0:10:00

A rural worker has an accident and realises that within minutes he will be dead. During these last moments, absolutely alone and surrounded by the natural environment indifferent to tragedy he faces the fact that there is nothing he could do to change his fate. Based on the short story by the Uruguayan writer Horacuio Quiroga.


Di Yi Ming Zhi De Shi Wu (The Unnamed)
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Ya-Li Huang
2010 | 35 mm | 0:10:50

A visual poetry playing with the interference of what you hear and what you see, and a sensual fluidity not based on cause and effect relationship.


Between Dreams
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Iris Olsson
2009 | HD | 0:10:30

A third class sleeping car of the Trans-Siberian train traveling through Russia. What are the passengers dreaming of, and which of the dreams come true? A short documentary completely realized on the journey between Moscow and Vladivostok.


Venus vs Me
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Nathalie Teirlinck
2009 | HDCAM | 0:27:00

Marie is twelve, a little bit airy-fairy, and has problems putting her childhood behind her. Ever since her young mother brought home a new boyfriend, Marie’s questions have gone unanswered and communication would seem to be impossible. Marie desperately tries to win back her mother for herself, at the same time seeking comfort in the world of her memories.




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